Birdseye 360° HD Vision System

Birdseye 360° HD Vision System Total Coverage For Your Vehicles Give your drivers a bird’s-eye, panoramic view of what is happening around your vehicles. Reduce blind sports with enhanced visibility, exonerate drivers with included video recording, and simplify installation with single-step calibration. Contact us Simplified Single-Step Calibration Simply lay out the calibration mats at each […]


CloudConnect™ Video Management Solution Schedule a Demo Simplify and Save Time Managing and Accessing Your Video Files Discover the Convenience of Web-Based Access Review Footage Anytime, Anywhere It’s no longer necessary to physically remove the DVR storage device, set up and manage servers, or even be at the same location as the vehicles. Get Turn-Key […]

Video Management Access

Fleet Video Management & Access Manual transfer, cloud and Wi-Fi-based software solutions provide peace of mind that your videos are secure. Manual Transfer Removal of the SD card or Solid-State Drive in the vehicle to download the footage to a PC for playback Connect™ Covering your vehicle yard or garage with Wi-Fi access to transfer […]

School Bus Stop-Arm Camera Solution

School Bus Stop-Arm Camera Solution Pro-Vision’s industry-leading mobile video solutions for school buses include a sophisticated HD Dual-Lens Stop-Arm Camera, which is a significant addition to your video monitoring system as it helps enhance safety around the bus and provides even more protection for your drivers and their young passengers. Schedule a Demo Protect Your […]

DR-200 HD Fleet Dash Camera Drive Recorder

Fleet Video Solutions DR-200 | HD Fleet Dash Cam & Drive Recorder Fleet Dash Camera with Two Built-in Cameras Primarily used on light-duty vehicles, Pro-Vision’s HD Drive Recorder is a Fleet Dash Camera that features two built-in cameras to cover the cab and the road. With their exceptional video quality and extensive coverage, you can […]

Ranger™ Mobile DVR

Fleet Video Solutions Ranger™ Mobile DVR 10-Channel Hybrid HD DVR Capable of recording 10 cameras simultaneously, Pro-Vision’s Ranger™ DVR is the ideal solution for vehicles that need more than three cameras or for those integrating with side- and rear-vision systems. This device can record, transmit, and store video footage of activity in and around fleet […]


Monitors Stay informed about activity in and around your vehicles. Pro-Vision’s industry-leading video cameras are complemented by an equally impressive lineup of monitors that help operators identify blind spots and stay informed about other activity in and around your vehicles and equipment. 5” HD Monitor 5” Waterproof HD Monitor 7” HD Monitor 7” Waterproof Quad […]

Ultrasonic Backup Sensors

Ultrasonic Backup Sensors Monitor distance and direction behind your vehicle to detect potential hazards and help prevent collisions. Integrated with your vehicle’s rear vision system monitor, Pro-Vision’s Ultrasonic Sensor Kit displays the distance and direction to a possible hazard while also providing an audible alert, which helps you avoid potential accidents and other hazards during […]

Radar Object Detection Kit

Radar Object Detection Kit Receive visible and audible alerts of potential hazards in your vehicle’s blind spots to help prevent collisions. Contact Us Powerful Radar Technology Using state-of-the-art 77 GHz radar technology, visible and audible alerts are provided when the vehicle approaches objects within 130 feet (40 meters). In addition, the audible alert increases in […]