Stay informed about activity in and around your vehicles.

Pro-Vision’s industry-leading video cameras are complemented by an equally impressive lineup of monitors that help operators identify blind spots and stay informed about other activity in and around your vehicles and equipment.

5" LCD AHD Monitor

5” HD Monitor

PV 4.1.1 Monitor_5inch_800x800_Gray

5” Waterproof HD Monitor

PV 4.1.1 Monitor_7inch_800x800_Gray

7” HD Monitor

PV 4.1.1 Monitor_7inchQ_800x800_Gray

7” Waterproof Quad View HD Monitor

PV 4.1.1 Monitor_10inch_800x800_Gray

10.1” Quad View HD Monitor


5" HD LCD 5" Waterproof HD LCD 7" HD LCD 7" Quad HD LCD 10.1" Quad HD LCD
Resolution 1080p 1080p 1080p 1080p 1080p
Dimensions (Without Sun Shield) 6.1" L x 1.3" W 4.2" H 6.2" L x 1.1" W 4.4" H 7.6" L x 1.5" W 5.0" H 7.6" L x 1.5" W 5.0" H 10.5" L x 1.1" W 6.2" H
Camera Inputs 3 3 3 4 4
Waterproof No Yes No Yes No
Touch Screen No No No Yes Yes
Part Number PM-1950S PM-1930S PM-1970S PM-1980S PM-1990S


PV 4.1.3 Monitor_Fan Bracket_800x800_Gray

Fan Bracket (Included)

PV 4.1.3 Monitor U-Shaped Mount_800x800_Gray

U-Shaped Mount (Included)

PV 4.1.3 Monitor_windshield_800x800_Gray

Optional Pedestal Windshield Mount

PV 4.1.3 Monitor_Pedestal_800x800_Gray

Optional Pedestal Mount for Dash or Ceiling

PV 4.1.3 Monitor_Rearview Mirror_800x800_Gray

Rearview Mirror Puck Mount Adapter ASSC.400MM. ZD.WS*

*Only applicable to Ford, Chevrolet and GMC Rearview Mirror Pucks

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