School Bus On-Board
Camera Solution

With their superior quality and reliability, Pro-Vision’s mobile video solutions are a reliable, cost-effective way to monitor activity in and around your school buses, ensuring the safety of your drivers and their young passengers.

Better Camera Coverage

From the driver’s seat to the back seats and everywhere around the bus, no detail will be missed. With the widest vertical and horizontal field of view, 1080p HD resolution and night vision recording, Pro-Vision’s cameras help ensure the safety of the driver as well as the children. Combined with our real-time video monitoring and sophisticated cloud storage, Pro-Vision also helps ensure you have the video evidence you need to protect your drivers and their young passengers.


Solid-State Design
Pro-Vision’s rugged solid-state design makes our camera more reliable than any hard-drive system available. There are no moving parts to fail, which helps you minimize downtime and ensures you have the reliable, consistent camera performance you need to keep your drivers and the children safe.

Enhanced Event Marker Button
Quickly and easily mark event video with the enhanced event marker button, which also includes a built-in recording status light for added peace of mind.

Simple Wi-Fi DVR Setup
The built-in wireless hotspot lets you connect to mobile devices from up to 50 feet away, which simplifies setup and maintenance, and also eliminates the need for hard-wired monitors.

With continuous updates of the DVR and desktop software features, Pro-Vision’s system is built to adapt to the latest advances in technology, ensuring your system is prepared for years of reliable service.

Optional Backup Camera
To increase safety around the bus and make sure you don’t miss a critical event, our optional backup camera provides the view on a monitor while simultaneously recording video to the DVR – all through one integrated system.

System Health Monitoring
The system constantly monitors its operational status and alerts you immediately to any changes, so you are assured of no recording interruptions and no missing video of an important event. This also eliminates the need for time-consuming manual system operation audits, which helps maximize productivity and minimize downtime.

Integrated Stop-Arm Solution

For a fully integrated solution, you can add our HD Dual-Lens Stop-Arm camera to your existing Pro-Vision video system. This system integrates with the onboard solid-state DVR and uses computer vision to automatically detect and record illegally passing motorists and their vehicle license plates.

Clearer Low-Light Capture

No matter how dark the surroundings, Pro-Vision’s built-in cameras and external cameras use the latest night-vision technology to deliver a brighter, clearer picture, as well as a wider view, not just in low-light situations but also in total darkness.

With Pro-Vision’s AHD Forward-Facing Camera with Wide Dynamic Range, you can capture all the important details no matter how dark your surroundings. Unlike other windshield-mounted cameras without low-light performance, Pro-Vision’s camera completely captures the road ahead, ensuring a clear picture every time.

Proven Reliability

In addition to its reliable solid-state storage and rugged, waterproof exterior design, our school bus camera system is backed by Pro-Vision’s five-year, full-system warranty, which gives you peace of mind knowing that your drivers and children are safe and your system is protected.

How it Works

  1. Incident Occurs
  2. Event Initiated: Event marked by driver with Event Marker Button for Automatic Transfer of Event, or the event is left unmarked (non-marked events require a video request to be made)
  3. Video Recorded to the DVR Unit
  4. Vehicle Returns to Bus Yard
    a. DVR unit connects to internet via on-site Wi-Fi and uploads event video to Pro-Vision’s CloudConnect web-based video portal
    b. If the DVR is connected to 4G, it can upload without relying on the Wi-Fi coverage at the yard or garage
  5. Event Video Accessed: Transportation director can login via phone or PC to review video and events
  6. Non-Event Video Requested: Video files that weren’t flagged as an event can be requested to auto transfer by choosing the bus, date and time range of the incident in question.

Enhanced Video Review

Pro-Vision’s included PV Player™ Playback Software ensures comprehensive video review:

Synced GPS Playback
For additional evidence of violation locations, there’s a connected GPS antenna, and GPS coordinates are stamped on videos, so they can easily sync with Google Maps® during playback.

Digital Zoom
Our 1080p HD cameras capture exceptional detail, which enables you to zoom in on any area of recorded video to maximize your understanding of an event.

Privacy Protection Blurring Tool
Utilize the mosaic blurring tool to ensure the privacy of both drivers and passengers.

Professional Installation

At Pro-Vision, our industry-leading products are matched by an unwavering commitment to customer service. All of our systems are simple by design, but few companies have the time and resources to install the equipment themselves. That’s why the Pro-Vision team is ready and equipped for your on-site installation. Our vast experience with school bus video solutions means we have the expertise to deliver a seamless install that will have you up and running safely and efficiently.

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