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Pro-Vision Launches Side View Radar Object Detection Kit

Pro-Vision unveils another radar object detection kit, adding to their portfolio of collision avoidance technology designed for fleet vehicles.

Byron Center, MI – March 5, 2024 – Pro-Vision, a leader in mobile video technology, is proud to announce the launch of its Side View Radar Object Detection Kit. Designed to assist drivers in safely changing lanes and navigating through congested areas such as parking lots, this technology integrates seamlessly with Pro-Vision’s camera systems, providing both visual and audible alerts to ensure the highest level of safety for vehicle operators and pedestrians alike.

“Our Side View Radar Object Detection Kit is a major leap forward in ensuring the safety of vehicle operations, especially in challenging environments,” said Martin Schena, Pro-Vision’s VP of Sales. “This technology offers more than just safety; it provides peace of mind for drivers and fleet managers alike.”

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Enhanced Safety During Lane Changes and Tight Maneuvers

The Side View Radar Object Detection Kit has two modes: low and high speed. The high-speed mode (above 10mph) focuses on safely changing lanes, so it only picks up moving vehicles traveling in the same direction inside the blind spot zones.

The low-speed mode is designed for congested areas like navigating parking lots. This mode, operating below 10 mph, alerts operators to pedestrians, vehicles, and stationary objects inside the blind spot zones. The radar extends 11.5 feet out from the vehicle. This limited distance range prevents false positives on wide multi-lane roads.

Side Radar Hardware Mounting Location Diagram / Illustration

Visible and Audible Alerts

When objects are detected in the side blind spot, the system immediately alerts the driver with an audible alarm, an illuminated LED indicator, and by overlaying a red bar on the monitor on the same side as the detected object. This dual-alert system ensures that drivers can react swiftly to avoid potential hazards.

Seamless Integration

This innovative kit integrates flawlessly with Pro-Vision’s existing camera systems to display the alert on the same screen that’s displaying the camera image. This enhances the utility of onboard video solutions and provides drivers with a comprehensive view of their surroundings directly from their dashboard monitor.

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