School Bus Stop-Arm
Camera Solution

Pro-Vision’s industry-leading mobile video solutions for school buses include a sophisticated HD Dual-Lens Stop-Arm Camera, which is a significant addition to your video monitoring system as it helps enhance safety around the bus and provides even more protection for your drivers and their young passengers.

Protect Your Passengers

Our HD Dual-Lens Stop-Arm Camera automatically detects and records illegally passing motorists and their vehicle license plates. When these motorists are issued citations, violations are reduced and the safety of the children is enhanced.

A stop arm camera

Stand-Alone or Integrated Solution

For a fully integrated solution, you can connect the stop-arm camera to an on-board Pro-Vision DVR with other interior and exterior cameras, or simply use it as a stand-alone stop-arm solution.


Proven Reliability and Support
In addition to its reliable solid-state storage and rugged, waterproof exterior design, our stop-arm camera is backed by Pro-Vision’s five-year, full-system warranty, which gives you peace of mind knowing that your drivers and children are safe, and your system is protected.

Compact, Low-Profile Design
At up to 10 times smaller than other systems, our stop-arm camera eliminates any concerns about it sticking out, getting hit or failing to meet a state inspection.

Integrated GPS
For additional evidence of violation locations, there’s a connected GPS antenna, and GPS coordinates are stamped on videos, so they can easily sync with Google Maps® during playback.

Universal File Format
Video files are saved in a nonproprietary, universal video file format, which eliminates the need for time-consuming software installations, and ensures quick and easy access to video playback.

How it Works

  1. Illegal pass occurs
  2. Video event of the violation is captured and recorded to the DVR unit
  3. Vehicle returns to bus yard/garage
    a. DVR unit connects to internet via on-site Wi-Fi and uploads event video to Pro-Vision’s CloudConnect web-based video portal
    b. If the DVR is connected to 4G, it can upload without relying on the Wi-Fi coverage at the yard or garage
  4.  Transportation director can login via phone or PC to review incidents and quickly share them with stakeholders like law enforcement officials.

Professional Installation

At Pro-Vision, our industry-leading products are matched by an unwavering commitment to customer service. All of our systems are simple by design, but few companies have the time and resources to install the equipment themselves. That’s why the Pro-Vision team is ready and equipped for your on-site installation. Our vast experience with school bus video solutions means we have the expertise to deliver a seamless install that will have you up and running safely and efficiently.

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