Pro-Vision Introduces Live View for Body-Worn Cameras

The Live View feature is designed for their body-worn cameras to increase situational awareness and provide instant insights. Byron Center, Mich. – Sept 14, 2023 – Pro-Vision, a leader in mobile video solutions, has announced today that they have rolled out their Live Viewing feature for the Bodycam® 4 model and SecuraMax™ evidence management software. […]

Why Exterior Cameras are a Rare Sight on School Bus Fleets

When we consider school bus safety, our immediate thought is about the children onboard. However, the exterior of the bus also plays a crucial role in safety, especially when kids are boarding or exiting. While interior cameras are common in school buses, exterior cameras are rare. 1. Cost Considerations The most evident reason is the […]

Best Practices for Implementing Body-Worn Cameras in Correctional Institutions

Correctional officers often face complex situations that require clear judgment and accountability. Body-worn cameras serve as impartial witnesses, helping to clarify incidents and providing objective information. However, the question remains, what’s the best way to integrate this technology to maximize its capabilities and ensure lasting success? 1. Clearly Define Objectives Before adopting body-worn cameras, correctional […]