Fleet Video Solutions

Industry-Leading Products, Dedicated Customer Service, and Exceptional Value

Pro-Vision offers fleet video solutions designed exclusively for commercial fleets, from our state-of-the-art video monitoring systems to real-time data monitoring and sophisticated cloud storage. We can help you increase the safety and efficiency of your operations while also helping you reduce liability for your drivers and fleet.

  • Recording Devices

    With Pro-Vision’s solid-state on-board DVR, you can capture, transmit and store video files with ease. And its solid-state design means there are no moving parts to fail, which helps you minimize downtime, reduce accidents and ensures you have the video evidence you need to tell the whole story and protect your drivers and your business.

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  • Cameras

    Pro-Vision’s cameras provide increased visibility by displaying views on an LCD monitor in the cab. They are also designed to record video, ensuring you have the evidence you need to tell the whole story and help reduce liability for your drivers and your company.

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  • Monitors

    Maximum visibility in and around your vehicles is paramount. All Pro-Vision monitors can be configured to display camera views that provide improved visibility for your operator and help en- sure safe operation of your vehicles and equipment.

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  • Accessories

    A wide variety of accessories allows you to enhance your existing system or configure an entirely new system to meet your needs for the safety and security of your drivers and your fleet.

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  • Video Management & Access

    Pro-Vision’s extensive video management and software solutions include everything from basic manual video download to sophisticated cloud storage. Easy access to video records of all activity can help exonerate your drivers and keep your fleet safe while also protecting your business.

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Professional Installation

At Pro-Vision, our industry-leading products are matched by our unwavering commitment to customer service. Our systems are simple by design, but few companies have the time and resources to install the equipment themselves. That’s why Pro-Vision is ready and equipped for your on-site installation. Our vast experience with a wide range of commercial fleets means we have the expertise to deliver a seamless install that will have you up and running safely and efficiently.

Custom Solutions

At Pro-Vision, we are committed to providing the right solution for your business, so we will work with you to deliver a custom, turn-key solution that meets your safety needs. With in-house engineering and decades of manufacturing experience, Pro-Vision has the expertise to help you create and maintain a safe environment for your most critical assets — no matter what your industry or monitoring needs.