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At Pro-Vision, we are constantly evaluating companies for potential partnership so that we can continue to offer superior value and service to our customers. From commercial body-on-chassis OEM vehicle manufacturers and dealers to telematics solutions providers, there are many ways we can provide added value. With in-house engineering and decades of manufacturing experience, Pro-Vision has the expertise to help you maximize productivity, minimize downtime and maintain a safe operating environment.

Visibly Better Solutions

As the manufacturer, designer and software engineers of our own products, Pro-Vision is in the unique position of being able to offer customized features, software integration and white-label products for OEMs, upfitters and other third-party vendors.

Body-on-Chassis OEM Solutions

From school transportation to utility, fire and other specialized commercial truck manufacturers, Pro-Vision partners leverage our systems for their own premium side vision, rear vision and video recording solutions.

Our vast experience with a wide range of commercial fleets, including low-volume specialty manufacturers, means we have the expertise to deliver a custom, turn-key solution that meets your needs.

Why Partner with Pro-Vision?

  • Extend your brand to the monitor, camera, manuals and more
  • Increase your brand recognition and awareness
  • Specify new features for your system
  • Customize cable and connection options
  • Full support from Pro-Vision’s firmware and software engineers
  • Continuous learning throughout the development process from Pro-Vision’s real-world users in the VaaS market

The Value of White-Label Products for Our ADAS & AI Telematics Partners

The Video as a Service (VaaS) market is seeing explosive growth, with the industry expected to grow more than 200% in the next two years. At the very minimum, new vehicles and machines built today must include a vision system, but many customers now demand more.

Options to record, automatic upload, integration with existing fleet management software, and support for future ADAS/AI development are just some of our customers’ requirements.

Pro-Vision has extensive experience developing and patenting white-label cameras to the specifications of our ADAS and AI telematics partners. This also includes developing customized firmware and continuous software features.

Seamless Integration with Pro-Vision

  • Add video telematics to your platform with easy-to-use APIs
  • Set specifications on CPU, firmware, and other items needed for your SDK
  • Offer your own vision/recording system as part of a total package

The Power of Partnerships

Pro-Vision has worked with many traditional competitors on integration elements to expand the features they offer in the market. We also welcome the opportunity to partner with other organizations in our industry. We are all focused on the same goal – providing exceptional value and keeping our customers safe.

State-of-the-Art API

Pro-Vision’s software can seamlessly integrate with many third-party telematics provider solutions, which means you get all the benefits of a video solution with a minimal investment in development.

Custom Software Development Capabilities

At Pro-Vision, we are committed to finding the right solution for your business, which includes creating custom solutions tailored to your specific needs. Our in-house software development team can build a custom integration that will help maximize productivity, minimize downtime and increase overall operating efficiency.

System Warranty

This is a testament to the confidence we have in our products, and it helps provide you with the peace of mind you need to ensure your operations are running smoothly and effectively.

The Speed of In-House Engineering

R&D at Pro-Vision happens at a much faster pace compared to outsourced engineering or off-the-shelf product sourcing. In addition, our CAD diagrams are available for all products so you can easily integrate them into your vehicle drawings.

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