Collision Avoidance Products

Stay Safe on the Road with Collision Avoidance

Reduce the chance of blind-spot accidents by utilizing visual and audio alerts from Pro-Vision’s industry-leading cameras, integrated sensors, and radar systems.

Even when using side mirrors, blind spots on commercial vehicles can extend up to 160 feet behind the vehicle. With Pro-Vision’s sophisticated cameras and object detection technology, you can increase visibility, eliminate blind spots, and help prevent accidents. When you enhance safety, you’re also improving productivity, reducing downtime, and protecting your drivers and fleet.

Give your drivers a bird’s-eye, panoramic view of what is happening around your vehicles. Reduce blind spots with enhanced visibility, exonerate drivers with included video recording, and simplify installation with single-step calibration.

Pro-Vision rear-view cameras display views when the vehicle is operating in reverse, which alerts your driver to potential hazards and helps reduce backing accidents.

For even greater protection and peace of mind, we also offer side-vision cameras that display views when vehicle turn signals are activated, helping further reduce blind spots and ensure safe lane change operation.

Integrated Object Detection

Integrated with your vehicle’s rear vision system monitor, Pro-Vision’s ultrasonic sensor and radar systems can detect possible hazards while also providing an audible alert, which helps you avoid potential accidents and other hazards during backup maneuvers.

Side Radar Object Detection Header Image

Side View Radar Object Detection Kit

Detect drivers, pedestrians, and other hazards when changing lanes and in congested areas with a range of up to 22 feet at 150 degrees.

A radar, camera, and monitor for an object detection kit

Rear View Radar Object Detection Kit

Detect potential hazards and help prevent collisions with a 120-foot detection range.

Ultrasonic Backup Sensors Kit Image

Ultrasonic Backup Sensor Kit

Monitor the distance and direction of obstructions behind your vehicle with a 17-foot detection range.

Professional Installation

At Pro-Vision, our industry-leading products are matched by our unwavering commitment to customer service. All of our systems are simple by design, but few companies have the time and resources to install the equipment themselves. That’s why the Pro-Vision team is ready and equipped for your on-site installation. Our vast experience with a wide range of commercial fleets means we have the expertise to deliver a seamless install that will have you up and running safely and efficiently.

Custom Solutions

At Pro-Vision, we are committed to providing the right solution for your business, so we will work with you to deliver a custom, turn-key solution that meets your safety needs. With in-house engineering and decades of manufacturing experience, Pro-Vision has the expertise to help you create and maintain a safe environment for your most critical assets — no matter what your industry or monitoring needs.