Fleet Video Solutions

Ranger™ Mobile DVR

10-Channel Hybrid HD DVR


Capable of recording 10 cameras simultaneously, Pro-Vision’s Ranger™ DVR is the ideal solution for vehicles that need more than three cameras or for those integrating with side- and rear-vision systems. This device can record, transmit, and store video footage of activity in and around fleet vehicles, which ensures you are able to tell the whole story to help protect your drivers and your fleet. In addition to this added layer of security and liability protection, real-world footage from the Ranger™ DVR can serve as a powerful training tool, and video review also helps you ensure that safety procedures and protocols are being followed.



Supports up to 4TB Solid-State Drive and 1TB SDXC Card


10 at 1080p (8 AHD and 2 DHD)


HDMI (to display screen)

Sensors & Event Marking

3 Axis Accelerometer (G-Force)
GPS Receiver
Custom Event Triggers


Built-in Wi-Fi Access Point
Network Port
Optional 4G Modem


5.4”(L) x 5.2”(W) x 1.2”(H)
16.5 oz (1.03 lbs.)


Secure Locking Steel Cage
Password Protected DVR Wi-Fi


AVI – Non-Proprietary/Universal

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