What Is Video Telematics?

The new phrase “Video Telematics” has recently appeared and increasingly being used in fleet management circles.

It refers to the increasingly common use of video technology in conjunction with telematics systems to improve fleet management, driver safety, and overall operational efficiency. These systems typically include cameras mounted on vehicles, which record and transmit footage in conjunction with telemetry data to access via the cloud. This video footage is then analyzed by the system to extract valuable insights about driving behavior, road conditions, and other factors that can affect driver safety and performance.

A visual of an overhead camera inside of a school with two men in purple shirts. On the right is a digital map of a city with a red vehicle signifying the school buses' location.

Some of the key benefits of video telematics include improved driver behavior and reduced risk of accidents, enhanced operational efficiency and productivity, and better visibility into vehicle and driver performance. Video telematics systems can also provide valuable data for insurance and risk management purposes, helping fleet managers to reduce costs and improve overall profitability.