Why Exterior Cameras are a Rare Sight on School Bus Fleets

When we consider school bus safety, our immediate thought is about the children onboard. However, the exterior of the bus also plays a crucial role in safety, especially when kids are boarding or exiting. While interior cameras are common in school buses, exterior cameras are rare. 1. Cost Considerations The most evident reason is the […]

Top 5 Major Bus Camera Tech Innovations in the Last 5 Years

Life moves fast in the twenty-first century, and the same applies to school bus camera tech. In only the past five years, remarkable advancements have significantly enhanced safety and security. Field-of-Vision Improvements Field-of-vision improvements have played a vital role in enhancing the coverage and visibility provided by bus cameras. With wider camera views ranging from […]

4 Benefits of Adding a Stop Arm Camera

Stop arm cameras are a terrific way to improve your mobile video system, as they are designed for one specific instance. School buses have stop signs that swing out from the left side of the bus to alert your drivers that children are crossing the street to either board or deboard the bus. Unfortunately, it’s […]

Use ESSER Funds to Purchase Recording Systems

As COVID-19 has forced schools to figure out new ways to protect their students and staff, many have struggled with implementing new safety measures and technology including recording systems due to a lack of funding. With already tight budgets stretched razor-thin as a result of efforts to address the pandemic, many schools are left wondering […]

Four Takeaways from School Bus Survey

There was some good news in 2020 in regards to school bus safety. In the recent 2019-2020 National School Bus Loading and Unloading Survey completed by the Kansas State Department of Education (KSDE) in partnership with the National Association of State Directors of Pupil Transportation Services (NASDPTS), the report showed the lowest number of student […]

3 Safety Tips to Combat Passing of School Buses

This week is National School Bus Safety Week. For 2020, the theme is “Red Lights Mean STOP!” to bring more awareness to the dangers of motorists illegally passing stopped school buses. In our home state, the Michigan State Police (MSP) are in the midst of “Operation Safe Stop” from Oct. 19-23 to be on the […]

Pro-Vision Unveils Hybrid DVR for School Buses

New 900 Series™ Hybrid HD DVR combines 1080p HD recording and observation technology in one device; new cameras with improved vertical & horizontal field-of-view provide unmatched coverage Byron Center, Mich – Jul. 7, 2020 — PRO-VISION® Video Systems, a leader in mobile video solutions, announced today the release of its new 900 Series™ Hybrid HD DVR system […]

Eight Tips for School Bus Stop Safety

After attending the NAPT conference recently in Columbus, Ohio, and specifically the Illegal-Passing Panel Discussion event, I noticed some valuable tips that may be a nice reminder or great new information for the majority of school districts that weren’t represented there. Here are some of the tips I walked away with: 1. Use Curbside Pickup […]

Pro-Vision Unveils Stop Arm Camera System

New stop-arm camera system automatically detects and captures 1080p HD video evidence of vehicles that illegally pass stopped school buses Byron Center, Mich. — May 28, 2019 — Pro-Vision Video Systems, the proven leader in mobile video technology and software, announced today the release of its new integrated stop-arm camera system that automatically captures video evidence […]

5 Steps for a Solid Stop-arm Camera Program

When it comes to using video recording systems on school buses to keep students safe, much of the focus is on what’s happening on the bus when it’s moving. But some of the most dangerous moments come when students are getting on and off the bus. In a November 2018 report from School Transportation News, […]