Backup Cameras

Increase visibility to enhance safety and help prevent accidents.

Even when you’re using side mirrors, blind spots on commercial vehicles can extend up to 160 feet behind the vehicle. With Pro-Vision’s sophisticated cameras and object detection technology, including backup and side-vision cameras, you can increase visibility, eliminate blind spots and help prevent accidents.

Innovative Products

At Pro-Vision, we pride ourselves on designing and manufacturing industry-leading mobile video products and solutions. Products like our patented 2” Camera Light™, a camera mounted in a rugged SAE/DOT-compliant LED light. That’s just one of the innovative options in a product portfolio designed to ensure you have the camera and monitoring solution that meets your needs.

Integrated Video Recording

Simultaneously record what is happening in and around your vehicles and use real-time monitoring to identify potential problems and react quickly to keep your drivers safe. Pro-Vision’s side, rear and observation cameras are integrated with an on-board, solid-state DVR, which means there are no moving parts to fail. This helps you minimize downtime, reduce accidents and tell the whole story to exonerate your drivers and protect your fleet.

Reliable Components

From Pro-Vision video connectors with an O-ring and threaded design, to an external protective boot and IP69K waterproof rating — the highest level of protection available — Pro-Vision components are designed to the strictest quality standards, which ensures maximum service life and delivers the superior ruggedness and reliability your business demands.

Professional Installation

At Pro-Vision, our industry-leading products are matched by our unwavering commitment to customer service. All of our systems are simple by design, but few companies have the time and resources to install the equipment themselves. That’s why the Pro-Vision team is ready and equipped for your on-site installation.
Our vast experience with a wide range of commercial fleets means we have the expertise to deliver a seamless install that will have you up and running safely and efficiently.

Know Distance and Direction

One of the main components of safe vehicle operation is knowing the distance and direction of objects in your environment. Integrated with your vehicle’s rear vision system monitor, Pro-Vision’s ultrasonic sensor and radar systems can display the distance and direction to a possible hazard, while also providing an audible alert, which helps you avoid potential accidents and other hazards during backup maneuvers.

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