Rear View Radar Object Detection Kit

Receive visible and audible alerts of potential hazards in your vehicles' rear blind spots to help prevent collisions and improve safety.

Powerful Radar Technology

Using state-of-the-art 77 GHz radar technology, visible and audible alerts are provided when the vehicle approaches objects within 120 feet. In addition, the audible alert increases in rate as an object gets closer, automatically becoming a solid and constant tone when an object is in the red zone.

Radar Configuration
Radar Configuration | Monitor & Camera Sold Separately

Adjustable Mounting Bracket

With adjustable mounting angles of the radar sensor, it can fit the height of your mounting location which will vary depending on the vehicle bodies in your fleet.

Rugged Design

The radar system is built specifically for heavy equipment and commercial vehicles working in extreme conditions and is IP69K waterproof rated - the highest level of protection available.

Unmatched Coverage

With its 130-foot (40-m) range, our radar technology is unmatched in the industry. It can detect objects at greater distances behind the vehicle and covers a wider area, providing earlier detection of objects for quicker response times and reducing the chance of accidents.

No Worries about Dirt & Debris

Dirt and debris can be serious impediments to clear vision. They can also obstruct cameras and ultrasonic sensors from functioning properly. Radar technology solves that problem, as it can see right through the offending particles, adding an extra layer of reliability and enhancing peace of mind.

Customizable Detection Zones

Whether there is a counterweight or another piece of equipment you want to block out, our zone customization feature allows you to adjust detection zones to meet the needs of your specific vehicle application.

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