Law Enforcement Products

From your officers and patrol cars to your interview rooms, Pro-Vision’s industry-leading video evidence solutions help protect your law enforcement personnel and give them the tools they need to do their jobs safely and effectively.

We provide a wide variety of vision systems and management software so you and your teams can focus on the important work, ensuring the peace and safety of our communities.

Bodycam® 4
Police Body Cameras

Pro-Vision’s Bodycam 4 is a next-generation body camera designed to protect your officers and ensure that you have the video evidence you need to exonerate your officers from any wrongdoing following a false claim.

Interview Room Video Systems

Pro-Vision’s HD Interview Room System helps law enforcement agencies gather critical evidence with cameras in the interrogation room that capture the video and audio evidence you need to help tell the whole story.

In-Car Video Systems

From door-to-door interior rear-seat coverage to 360° exterior coverage, Pro-Vision’s sophisticated In-Car Video System provides complete video coverage in and around your patrol vehicles.

Evidence Management

Designed by Pro-Vision to answer video evidence management challenges, our SecuraMax Cloud Video Evidence Management Solution is a secure, automated, turn-key digital management solution for video evidence.

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