Police In-Car Camera Systems

Capture the whole story with complete video coverage in and around patrol vehicles.

Pro-Vision's police in-car camera systems provide comprehensive video coverage in and around patrol vehicles, ensuring that no detail is missed. With our state-of-the-art technology, you can capture critical evidence, enhance officer safety, and promote transparency in your law enforcement agency.

Our systems are designed to meet the unique challenges faced by modern police departments, providing reliable and high-quality video evidence that can be used to support investigations, prosecutions, and training efforts. By investing in Pro-Vision's police in-car camera systems, you can demonstrate your commitment to accountability and build trust with the communities you serve.

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360° HD Coverage

From door-to-door interior rear-seat coverage to 360° exterior coverage, Pro-Vision police in-car camera systems capture a 1080p HD picture of all activity in and around the vehicles.

175° 1080p Interior View

A compact interior night vision camera and a built-in microphone provides door-to-door 175-degree 1080p HD coverage in any lighting condition.


Unobstructed View

A compact forward-facing camera that allows you to capture the views you need without obstructing your view of the road.

BODYCAM® Integration

The in-car system and body cameras within 30ft. can be triggered simultaneously to activate automatically when the vehicle lights or other triggers are activated.

Enhanced Ease-of-Use

Automated Officer Login
When officers sign into their mobile data computers, they are automatically logged into their car video system, eliminating the need to remember an extra login or RFID card to carry.

In-Field Tagging
SecuraMax™ lets you tag a piece of evidence immediately after events happen, not at your desk at the end of a shift. With timeline-based event tagging, in-car videos and body camera videos can be tagged simultaneously to save time.

Upload Direct to Cloud
If you already have internet service in your vehicles, Event Video can securely upload direct to the SecuraMax™ Cloud evidence management solution, bypassing the need to wirelessly transfer files to your local network.

MDC Integration
Simply log in to your mobile data computer to start the DVR and tie video to the right officer. Display camera views and adjust settings all from the same interface.

Automatic File Transfer
Using built in WI-FI, your files can upload automatically when your patrol cars pull into range of your wireless network, eliminating the need to manually remove a storage device to retrieve videos.

Clearer Low Light Capture

Capture all the important details no matter how dark your surroundings are with the Pro-Vision AHD Forward-Facing Camera with Wide Dynamic Range (above left). Unlike other windshield-mounted cameras without our low-light performance (above right), this camera completely captures the road ahead, ensuring a clear picture every time.


Digital Wireless Microphone System
The 2.4 GHZ wireless mic is built to auto-pair with the DVR, provide eight hours of talk time, and a 2,000 foot range for complete audio coverage with exterior and rear seat cameras that have built-in microphones.

Optional LCD Display
If you don’t already have mobile data computers to display system status and see camera views in the vehicle, an optional LCD display can be mounted for added piece of mind of the recording status.

Lifetime Customer Support
Available at no additional cost, Pro-Vision takes pride in providing the highest level of quality customer service & technical support, all based at our US headquarters.

Enhanced Event Marker Button
This provides an additional method for triggering Event Alarm Video for a specific incident to be recorded when you don’t want to activate the lightbar. Also, a built-in status light will indicate the system is functioning properly for added peace of mind.

Integrated GPS Mapping
By simply connecting a Pro-Vision GPS Antenna, you will know your vehicle’s location and speed. Use the included Pro-Vision Viewing Software and your video will also display with an integrated GPS Map.

Professional Installation
Pro-Vision systems are simple by design, but few companies have the time and resources to install the equipment themselves. Pro-Vision can complete your on-site installation so it gets done right and on-time.


Evidence Management with SecuraMax™

SecuraMax, Pro-Vision's video evidence management solution, is designed to simplify the data management process and save time. This automated, CJIS-compliant solution streamlines evidence management, ensuring that your video evidence is organized, secure, and easily accessible when needed. With SecuraMax, your agency can store, manage, and share video evidence with ease while maintaining the highest security and compliance standards.

The system's intuitive interface and powerful search capabilities make it easy to find and retrieve the footage you need when you need it. SecuraMax's advanced features, such as automatic redaction and secure sharing, can help facilitate collaboration with prosecutors, defense attorneys, and other stakeholders while protecting sensitive information and maintaining the integrity of the chain of evidence.

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How does Pro-Vision's in-car camera system integrate with body-worn cameras?

Pro-Vision's in-car camera system can automatically trigger body cameras within a 30-foot range to start recording simultaneously when the vehicle's lights or other triggers are activated. This ensures that both in-car and body-worn footage is captured, providing a more complete view of the incident.

What is SecuraMax™, and how does it help with evidence management?

SecuraMax™ is Pro-Vision's video cloud evidence management solution. It is an automated, CJIS-compliant system that simplifies the data management process, saves time, and ensures that your video evidence is organized, secure, and easily accessible when needed.

Does Pro-Vision offer installation services for their police in-car camera systems?

Yes, we offer services for on-site installation. This ensures that your police in-car camera system is set up correctly and ready to use, allowing you to focus on your core responsibilities.