The Case for Side Cameras on Waste Collection Vehicles

Waste collection vehicles navigate a myriad of challenges daily. From tight alleyways to congested city streets, these vehicles are navigating a variety of environments to complete their job. Safety should always be a top priority, especially considering the unique challenges they face. Installing side cameras is one effective way to enhance the safety of the workers and vehicles.

Enhanced Driver Visibility

Waste collection trucks are large and, by nature, have significant blind spots. Drivers are often required to maneuver in and out of tight spaces, making these blind spots particularly hazardous. Side cameras provide drivers with an unobstructed view of their vehicle’s sides, dramatically reducing the risk of accidental collisions with other vehicles, objects, or even pedestrians enabling safer lane changes.

Side cameras can also help automatic side-loader trucks maneuver around vehicles parked at the curb when retrieving containers in residential areas and front-loading trucks navigate congested commercial facility lots.

Driver Training & Refuting False Claims

Unfortunately, accidents can and do happen. When they do, it’s essential to understand how and why they occurred. Side cameras offer a factual account of events, which can be invaluable in driver training. This is also effective in highlighting areas where training or procedural changes might be necessary.

From claims of side-swipe vehicle damage to property damage of mailboxes, having recorded footage from side cameras can prove that your vehicles were not the cause. Users have even reported situations where residential vehicle owners with pre-existing damage falsely claimed that grapple trucks dropped debris on their vehicles. The video can clear up complaints quickly and without financial expenditures.

Improved Operational Efficiency

Beyond safety, side cameras can also improve the overall efficiency of waste collection operations. For example, a hopper-mounted camera on an automated side loader can save workers time from getting out to check the trash compactor. This, along with other benefits, can result in fewer delays, quicker routes, and, ultimately, cost savings for the company.

Safety of Personnel

In urban environments, many waste collection vehicles operate with a crew – a driver and several workers who collect and dump the trash into the truck. These workers are constantly moving around the vehicle, and the risk of accidents is ever-present. Side cameras allow drivers to keep a constant eye on the crew, ensuring their safety during operations.

Seeing the Whole Picture

The inclusion of side cameras on waste collection vehicles provides enhanced visibility to eliminate blind spots and enable safer lane changes. They provide an unbiased account of events in the case of a wrongful accusation and can provide valuable footage for driving training. As urban areas become more densely populated and the demands on waste management services grow, adopting technologies that address these challenges head-on becomes essential.