Top Reasons to Consider a Mobile Video Solution for Your Waste Vehicles

Mobile video solutions are becoming more commonplace in the waste industry. Waste drivers travel to hundreds of collection areas daily, and there is a lot to document between crowded city streets and long rural roads.

Safety, ultimately, is why any company invests in a mobile video solution, but there is a unique reason to equip your waste vehicles with cameras that don’t work for other vehicles.

So what is the top reason to consider a mobile video solution for your waste vehicles?

Verify Service Collection 

Outfitting your waste vehicles with a hopper-mounted camera provides a real-time view of your truck’s hopper or compactor via an in-cab monitor to eliminate the need for the driver to exit the vehicle to check the area.  Being able to see the hopper without leaving your seat saves time and allows your drivers to be more productive.

Document blocked and overfilled containers or provide evidence of service with a video record of all activity. A video record means you can protect your driver and fight false claims from clients. There’s always that one customer who forgot to put their trash out and will blame your company.

A mobile video solution for your waste vehicles offers peace of mind knowing you’ll have video evidence of service collection.