Top Things to Consider When Choosing Evidence Management Software

Evidence management programs help you track and sort through the hours of video footage recorded using a mobile video system.

Depending on your organization’s needs, there could be a full day’s worth of video recorded or just a couple of hours. It goes without saying that with hours of video footage, it’s important to be able to categorize it and organize it so it can be quickly found.

Pro-Vision’s evidence management program, SecuraMax, is geared more toward law enforcement agencies, but any organization that purchases a mobile recording solution could benefit from SecuraMax.

What is the top thing to consider when selecting an evidence management program?

Options for Evidence Management Software

The last thing an officer wants to worry about is manually uploading video after a long shift. Automatic uploads save time and ensure you get the video evidence you need. SecuraMax features automatic uploads to the cloud when a DVR is connected to a Wi-Fi connection — no PC is required. Even if you’re not a tech-savvy person, SecuraMax will help you easily locate your files. Additionally, a body camera docking station automatically uploads video recorded and charges the camera.

Videos are automatically sorted by camera and date, so there is no need to scour through hours of data to find the video you are looking for. There’s nothing worse than searching through folder after folder unable to find the video you want.

Continuous recordings that aren’t manually or automatically tagged will stay on the DVR until requested by the user, which means you don’t have to waste data or bandwidth uploading unnecessary video footage.

When selecting evidence management software, consider one that allows for automatic uploads and saves you time.