Fleet Video Solutions

Recording Devices

Rugged and reliable recording devices to minimize downtime and help ensure you’re getting the whole picture.

Pro-Vision’s industry-leading video technology and solutions help you create and maintain a safe environment for your drivers and your fleet. Whether you choose our built-in cameras or external cameras, you will be able to record, transmit and store video footage with ease. Monitor the activity in and around your fleet vehicles, receive alerts at crucial moments and have the peace of mind you need to keep your operations running efficiently while protecting your business.

Ranger DVR PD-1902_800x800_PNG

11-Channel Hybrid HD DVR

Capable of recording 11 cameras simultaneously, Pro-Vision’s RangerTM DVR is the ideal solution for vehicles that need more than three cameras or for those integrating with side- and rear-vision systems.

PV 4.1 Fleet Video Solutions_DR200_800x800_White

Fleet Dash Camera with Two Built-in Cameras

Primarily used on light-duty vehicles, Pro-Vision’s HD Driver Recorder features two built-in cameras that cover the cab and the road. In addition, an optional third camera can provide an additional external camera view, which helps ensure you’re getting the whole picture and enhances safety even more.

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