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Vision and Mission

We are in the Safety Business. We engineer, source, manufacture, supply and install rugged, reliable rear vision and video recording systems, body-worn cameras and video management software exclusively for commercial, law enforcement and transit applications.

Our products improve, maintain and ensure a safe working environment in and around commercial vehicles and personnel.

Our vision is to achieve and maintain the position as our industry’s leader. Our mission is to maximize the value of every customer dollar spent with our company by providing our customers the most Reliable, Simple and Affordable™ product line in the industry backed by the absolute best customer and technical support.

The successful completion of our mission and realization of our vision will be measured by a growing customer base and the satisfaction our customers receive from their investment in our products.

Our return for successfully completing our mission and realizing our vision will be a profitable company with the ability to provide secure, rewarding and competitively-paid jobs.


“Do One Thing and Do It Well”

A Philosophy is the most basic beliefs, concepts and attitudes of an individual or group. As a team, our efforts to successfully complete our mission and realize our vision will be driven by the philosophy of "do one thing and do it very well." Our only business is commercial, mobile video solutions.

Our focus and philosophy has built us a solid reputation for the best products in the industry. This reputation brings with it a responsibility to continuously define industry performance standards.


Live The Golden Rule

The Pro-Vision Team is empowered to take care of the customer as they would want to be taken care of.

Exceed Expectations

This principle in practiced is to under-promise and over-deliver. The Pro-Vision Team will promise to continuously strive to exceed expectations at every opportunity.

Work as a Team

No one person does it alone. Pro-Vision is a team focused on delivering the industry′s best products and service.

Embrace Change

We acknowledge that Pro-Vision is in constant evolution. To evolve and lead you must innovate. This process takes change. We will always remember that change requires effort and it is not always a painless process. The Pro-Vision Team takes great pride in its willingness and ability to embrace change, to evolve and to innovate so we may better serve the customer.

Be Professional

Professionals have developed the skills of their trade. They do their best, whether they feel like it or not. They take pride in what they do. They seek to improve. They stay up-to-date and are self-motivated. They are creative, conscientious and trustworthy. They are ethical. Professionals put service ahead of personal considerations. The Pro-Vision Team is committed to defining the industry standard for professionalism.


1. Growth

Our continued growth has resulted in many awards, including being one of only seven manufacturers ever to be ranked by Inc. magazine as one of the fastest-growing private companies in America for seven consecutive years (2011-2018)

2. Long-Term Focus

While other companies are cutting back, we are investing in our R&D, our infrastructure and most importantly our people so we may serve you long after you have invested in our products.

3. Commercial Vehicle Experts

Our expert team understands your vehicles, your operating environment and your absolute requirement to find the right product the first time.

4. Value Driven

We will maximize every budget dollar you spend with our company by delivering the best combination of Reliable, Simple and Affordable® products in the industry.

5. Reliable Products

With the latest commercial technology and use of failure modes and effects analysis (FMEA) design technique, our systems are more reliable by design and will last longer than any other systems.

6. Simple Solutions

Our products are quick to install, easy to operate and require the least amount of staff training for proper operation.

7. No-Charge Technical Support

If you call our toll-free number or email us, a member of our U.S. Client Service Team is ready and able to assist at no charge regardless of when or where you bought your system.

8. Customer Focused

From the front office to the back dock, our team is empowered to do whatever it takes to ensure your total satisfaction


We believe our efforts to produce our products should protect the health and safety of the environment we all share.

The products of PRO-VISION® ensure the health and safety of people and communities. We believe our efforts to produce these products should protect the health and safety of the environment we all share.

The success of PRO-VISION® will in part be measured by our commitment, investment and most importantly the results of our actions taken to protect our environment. So what actions have we taken to protect the environment we all share


PRO-VISION® finished an overhaul of our office printing system by eliminating dozens of print centers and implementing more efficient printing technology across our facilities, reducing paper consumption by 32% and minimizing our carbon footprint.


PRO-VISION® completed a conversion of our facility’s exterior lighting to utilize the latest LED technology and further reduced our electricity consumption by 62%.


PRO-VISION® completed converting the lighting in our facilities to more energy efficient technology with a goal to reduce electricity consumption. We exceeded our goal and managed to reduce our consumption in these facilities by 52%.


We launched a comprehensive recycling program with a goal of substantially reducing solid waste output. To date PRO-VISION® has reduced its solid waste output by greater than 80%.


We began using reusable shipping trays to move product to and from suppliers.