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Commercial Vehicle Camera Systems

PRO-VISION® specializes in your fleets safety, creating products that increase driver visibility, reduce liability, and improve fleet efficiency saving you well beyond the initial cost of the system.

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Driver & Fleet Safety

The HD Fleet Dash Camera provides a video record of all activity in and around your fleet. When you have the video, you're covered — no matter who's telling the story.

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What PRO-VISION® offers:

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Simple Installation

The HD Fleet Dash Camera mounts right to the windshield and has one power wire.

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1080p HD Video

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175° field-of-view

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Constantly Record Video

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Transfer Files Wirelessly

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Factory Installation

360 degree fleet recording

360° Recording

Covering each fleet vehicle is a durable solid state camera system, customized to your exact needs. Wide-angle cameras provide 360° of liability coverage inside and around your fleet — You’ll have the answers you need when an incident occurs.

What PRO-VISION® offers:

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Guaranteed Reliability

With a PRO-VISION® standard five year warranty, your fleet is covered for years to come.

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Constantly Record Video

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Wireless file transfer

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Dedicated customer Support

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Factory Installation

Collision Avoidance Systems

fleet collision avoidance

What PRO-VISION® offers:

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5 year warranty

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Wireless cameras

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Backup sensors

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Factory Installation

Increase Safety. Improve Efficiency.

By adding a PRO-VISION® observation systems to your fleet, your drivers will gain the ability to monitor the activity around their vehicle, gaining vantage points to safely change lanes and manage cargo right from the cab. In all conditions, PRO-VISION® weather proof night vision cameras will get the job done.

Simplified Solutions

Take advantage of the full PRO-VISION® line up. Manage the video you gather and track your fleets. We make it even easier by installing and setting up your systems, too.

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