Analog Camera Adapter

Pro-Vision Launches Analog Camera Adapter

Device allows for greater variety of third-camera options to be used with Drive Recorder.

Byron Center, Mich. – Nov. 8, 2022 – Pro-Vision, a leader in mobile video solutions, introduced today an Analog Camera Adapter, which allows a third analog high definition or standard definition camera to be used with the dual-camera Drive Recorder.

Drivers can use the adapter to connect a backup camera to the Drive Recorder, which allows users to record what is happening behind the vehicle, and the view simultaneously can be displayed on an in-cab monitor when the vehicle is in reverse. The Drive Recorder is mounted in the vehicle’s cab to record what the driver sees while also recording the driver. Previously, only digital HD cameras could be used as the third camera with the Drive Recorder.

“The adapter significantly increases the third-camera options that are compatible with the Drive Recorder,” said Matt Lehnert, Pro-Vision’s vice president of engineering. “Additionally, being able to add a backup camera to record and display views will be a nice bonus. We’re always looking for scalable solutions, giving our customers flexibility in case they want to expand down the road.”

The Drive Recorder features a 175o field of view on both cameras to provide better coverage and ensure crucial events are not missed, even in total darkness using night vision technology. Video files, recorded in 1080p HD resolution, can be automatically uploaded when a vehicle gets within range of a Wi-Fi network.

About Pro-Vision

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