4 Benefits of Adding a Stop-arm Camera

Stop-arm cameras are a terrific way to improve your mobile video system, as they are designed for one specific instance. School buses have stop signs that swing out from the left side of the bus to alert your drivers that children are crossing the street to either board or deboard the bus. Unfortunately, it’s quite […]

A Newcomer’s First Time at the Utility Expo

The Utility Expo is the largest event for utility professionals and construction contractors. This biennial event, produced by the Association of Equipment Manufacturers, offers insights into the latest industry technologies, innovations and trends. As a recent Pro-Vision hire, I had no prior experience with utility industry trade shows, so I traveled to Louisville, Kentucky, not […]

3 Ways Video Can Benefit Your Waste Company

With trade show season back in full swing, professionals in the waste/refuse field recently got the chance to see the latest and greatest industry products at Waste Expo 2021. There are plenty of new innovations and advances each year, but one piece of technology you often find at these shows are video systems for waste […]

Use ESSER Funds to Purchase Recording Systems

As COVID-19 has forced schools to figure out new ways to protect their students and staff, many have struggled with implementing new safety measures and technology due to a lack of funding. With already tight budgets stretched razor-thin as a result of efforts to address the pandemic, many schools are left wondering how they can […]

Four Takeaways from School Bus Survey

There was some good news in 2020 in regards to school bus safety. In the recent 2019-2020 National School Bus Loading and Unloading Survey completed by the Kansas State Department of Education (KSDE) in partnership with the National Association of State Directors of Pupil Transportation Services (NASDPTS), the report showed the lowest number of student […]

Commercial Fleet Outlook 2021: Insurance Trends

As everyone looks to put 2020 in the rear-view mirror, 2021 is bringing its own set of challenges to fleet managers. One challenge that won’t get any easier in 2021 is navigating all the disruption COVID-19 has brought onto the commercial transportation industry – on top of the ever-present issues the industry already faces each […]

Four Ways to Improve Driver Buy-In on Dash Cameras

Dash cameras have become a popular safety tool for fleet managers. In a recent market analysis, it was reported that an estimated 36.1 million dash cameras were sold in 2019. And those numbers figure to continue on an upward trend as fleet managers continue to adopt such technology. But for many fleet managers, they can run into […]

3 Factors for Purchasing Body Cameras in 2020

The use of body-worn cameras by law enforcement has continued to grow in recent years. Government Technology magazine estimates that 58% of all law enforcement agencies in the U.S. used body-worn cameras by the end of 2018. And with the current events of 2020, the topic of implementing such technology has continued to be in […]

3 Safety Tips to Combat Passing of School Buses

This week is National School Bus Safety Week. For 2020, the theme is “Red Lights Mean STOP!” to bring more awareness to the dangers of motorists illegally passing stopped school buses. In our home state, the Michigan State Police (MSP) are in the midst of “Operation Safe Stop” from Oct. 19-23 to be on the […]

How Video Systems Help Fleets During COVID-19

As the world continues to work through the COVID-19 pandemic, the truck drivers who are keeping supply chains moving and shelves stocked are doing their best to stay safe during this unprecedented time. According to the Los Angeles Times, more than 70 percent of freight in America travels by truck – and given this extraordinary […]