A waste collection truck picks up a residential curbside container. The Pro-Vision logo and products fill in the right portion of the picture.

Trash Talk: How Cameras Improve Waste Collection

Waste collection is essential to maintaining clean and sustainable communities, but it often goes unnoticed in our day-to-day lives. However, there’s a silent hero working behind the scenes: cameras.

False Claims Revealed

Cameras are great for accountability. The recorded footage can reveal what really happened on the route from unnecessary stops to blocked containers. This service verification is a major benefit of camera technology to waste collection companies.

If someone complains that their trash wasn’t picked up, cameras can provide evidence as to why that happened. Maybe their waste containers were blocked off by a vehicle which prevented access. Recorded video footage becomes invaluable evidence for investigations and enforcement, improving compliance and ensuring accountability.

Additionally, someone may claim that waste collection personnel/vehicles damaged their personal property, and supervisors can review camera footage for irrefutable proof of the incident. Dave Persad, a fleet manager for the Department of Public Works of West Palm Beach, said,

“We recently had a claim that one of our grapple trucks dropped debris and damaged a vehicle parked nearby during operation. Upon review of the telematics and our camera system, it proved that the vehicle had prior damage before our truck arrived.”

Maneuvering with Confidence

Operating large waste collection vehicles in urban areas can be daunting, especially when navigating heavy traffic. Cameras play a crucial role in enhancing safety by providing better visibility and minimizing blind spots for drivers.

With strategically positioned cameras, waste collection operators can confidently maneuver through tight spaces, reducing the risk of accidents and ensuring the well-being of drivers and pedestrians. Most accidents when backing up a vehicle happen with stationary objects, and cameras can prevent expensive repairs.

Exterior cameras on the side and rear help increase the driver visibility. Pro-Vision cameras offer night vision capabilities able to see in low-light conditions for those early morning pick-ups, and for those frigid climates, the AHD heated camera can withstand cold temperatures down to -40 degrees Celsius. Plus, hopper cameras can observe compactor operation without having to leave the cab improving efficiency.

Develop Your Driver Training Program

Recorded video footage can help enhance training, elevate driver performance, and bolster accountability. Through video review, you can ensure strict adherence to safety procedures and swiftly identify areas for improvement, ensuring smooth and secure operations.

An Invaluable Ally

Cameras have emerged as the unsung hero in waste collection, playing a pivotal role in enhancing safety, verifying service, and providing crucial evidence. The recorded footage protects companies against false claims and lawsuits. By providing better visibility and minimizing blind spots, cameras empower waste collection operators to maneuver confidently through urban areas, safeguarding drivers and pedestrians. Service verification is a major benefit of cameras in waste collection. Explore Pro-Vision’s camera solutions and revolutionize your operations today.