Pro-Vision Improves Customer Experience With Zendesk Implementation

Pro-Vision, mobile video technology solutions industry leader, integrates with Zendesk to level up their customer relations and improve user experience.

Byron Center, Mich. – May 8, 2023 – Pro-Vision, a leading provider of mobile video solutions, is proud to announce their integration with Zendesk to improve their customers’ experience. This strategic move is a major win in numerous ways.

They are now better equipped to track support tickets, enabling automatic surveying, and it features a new chatbot option. Another benefit is providing customers with quick access to relevant information about Pro-Vision’s products and services.

With this latest development, they are better able to meet customers where they are and help them find the information they need. This knowledge base contains a wealth of information about Pro-Vision’s products, including installation instructions, troubleshooting guides, and frequently asked questions.

“Providing exceptional customer service is a top priority here at Pro-Vision,” said Mike Finn, President of Pro-Vision. “This next step is vital for improving our customer’s experience and providing long-lasting support when and how they need it.”

Zendesk increases efficiency, saving time to be invested in building client relationships rather than trudging through administrative busywork. Phone support technicians can now be equipped with all the customer information upon taking a call, reducing the time needed for the customer to get assistance.

For example, Tile, a shopping app, saw a forty percent decrease in customer handling time and a twenty-eight percent decrease in customer wait time on average.

The knowledge base is accessible to all Pro-Vision customers through the company’s website where resources are grouped into eight categories making the information they need easy to find.

Pro-Vision has a long-standing reputation for providing high-quality mobile video solutions to various industries, including law enforcement, transit, and school transportation. With this Zendesk implementation, Pro-Vision is taking another step above and beyond their already excellent customer service and support.

For more information about Pro-Vision’s products and services or to access their Zendesk, visit their website at or contact them at (616) 583-1520.