5 Reasons a Correctional Facility Should Consider a Mobile Video Solution

Mobile video solutions are becoming more commonplace in correctional facilities. When you think of body cameras and other mobile video solutions, it’s natural to think of police officers rather than correctional officers. However, while the interactions within the corrections industry differ from those in law enforcement, the reasons for implementing a mobile video solution are […]

14 Questions to Ask About Mobile Video Solutions

Mobile video solutions, while simple in nature, can initially be overwhelming and lead to many questions about how they work and if they make sense for your organization. Remember, there are no stupid questions. Every organization’s wants, needs and capabilities will be different, but every mobile video solution can be customized to work for you. […]

6 Ways Mobile Video Solutions Protect Your Fleet

Mobile video solutions are becoming more common among fleet sizes ranging from as big as UPS to as small as a local HVAC company. Companies invest too much money in their fleets to not protect them. However, many believe a mobile video system is too costly or isn’t worth the time and energy to implement. […]

3 Ways Video Can Benefit Your Waste Company

With trade show season back in full swing, professionals in the waste/refuse field recently got the chance to see the latest and greatest industry products at Waste Expo 2021. There are plenty of new innovations and advances each year, but one piece of technology you often find at these shows are video systems for waste […]

Commercial Fleet Outlook 2021: Insurance Trends

As everyone looks to put 2020 in the rear-view mirror, 2021 is bringing its own set of challenges to fleet managers. One challenge that won’t get any easier in 2021 is navigating all the disruption COVID-19 has brought onto the commercial transportation industry – on top of the ever-present issues the industry already faces each […]

How Video Systems Help Fleets During COVID-19

As the world continues to work through the COVID-19 pandemic, the truck drivers who are keeping supply chains moving and shelves stocked are doing their best to stay safe during this unprecedented time. According to the Los Angeles Times, more than 70 percent of freight in America travels by truck – and given this extraordinary […]

Grant Writing 101: The Basics

Intro No matter what kind of organization you’re a part of, finding the funding you need for certain initiatives can sometimes be difficult. When it comes to securing technology like video recording systems for vehicles or body-worn cameras, organizations can sometimes lack the full funding they need to get such technology implemented and a program […]

Pro-Vision Releases New Hybrid HD DVR

The new 900 Series™ Hybrid HD DVR combines 1080p HD recording and observation technology in one device for unmatched video coverage on commercial vehicles Byron Center, Mich – April. 30, 2020 — Pro-Vision Video Systems, the proven leader in mobile video technology and software, announced today the release of its new 900 Series™ Hybrid HD DVR that […]

The Benefits of 4G: How to Better Manage Your Fleet

We recently attended the 2019 American Towman Exposition in Atlantic City, NJ, and it was a great way to get a feel for the technology tow truck operators are looking for most. Throughout the show, operators shared their thoughts with us on which features are most important to them when it comes to the video […]

Why HD is Vital for Video Recording Systems

Of all the features available for video recording systems for your vehicles, true 1080p HD video recording is one of the most important features. Making the decision to install video recording systems on your fleet vehicles can be a complicated one. You’ll soon start asking yourself: What kind of cameras do I need? What kind […]