Press Releases

The Case for Side Cameras on Waste Collection Vehicles

Waste collection vehicles navigate a myriad of challenges daily. From tight alleyways to congested city streets, these vehicles are navigating a variety of environments to complete their job. Safety should always be a top priority, especially considering the unique challenges they face. Installing side cameras is one effective way to enhance the safety of the […]

Best Practices for Camera Mounting on Roll-off Container Trucks in the Waste Industry

Roll-off container trucks are essential for transporting large volumes of waste efficiently and safely. Many companies are now turning to camera systems configured for these trucks to enhance safety and operational efficiency. These cameras help mitigate risks by offering better visibility around the vehicle and assisting operators during loading and unloading processes. Identify the Blind […]

School Bus Interior Camera Locations Explained 

It’s no surprise that interior cameras play a pivotal role in ensuring the well-being of students during their commutes. However, it’s not just about having cameras. Their placement is equally crucial. Proper positioning can mean the difference between catching a crucial moment and missing it entirely.  Where would you mount the cameras specifically?  It depends […]

Pro-Vision Named Safety Partner of the Year by Leading IoT Company, Samsara

Pro-Vision, a leader in fleet video solutions, was recognized for excellence in integrated safety solutions at recent Samsara Partner Summit. Byron Center, Mich. – Oct. 10, 2023, Pro-Vision, a leader in mobile video solutions, is proud to announce its recent distinction as the Samsara Safety Partner of the Year. Announced during the Partner Summit at […]

Pro-Vision to Introduce Live View for Body Cameras at IACP

The Live View feature on body-worn cameras will increase situational awareness and provide instant insights. Byron Center, Mich. – Sept 28, 2023 – Pro-Vision, a leader in mobile video solutions, has announced that they will showcase their Live Viewing feature for the Bodycam® 4 model and SecuraMax™ evidence management software at the International Association of […]

Why Exterior Cameras are a Rare Sight on School Bus Fleets

When we consider school bus safety, our immediate thought is about the children onboard. However, the exterior of the bus also plays a crucial role in safety, especially when kids are boarding or exiting. While interior cameras are common in school buses, exterior cameras are rare. 1. Cost Considerations The most evident reason is the […]

Best Practices for Implementing Body-Worn Cameras in Correctional Institutions

Correctional officers often face complex situations that require clear judgment and accountability. Body-worn cameras serve as impartial witnesses, helping to clarify incidents and providing objective information. However, the question remains, what’s the best way to integrate this technology to maximize its capabilities and ensure lasting success? 1. Clearly Define Objectives Before adopting body-worn cameras, correctional […]

Best Practices for 360° Camera Coverage on Utility Fleet Vehicles

Utility fleet vehicles are at the heart of many essential services, from electrical repairs to gas pipeline maintenance. Ensuring these vehicles operate efficiently and safely is paramount, and one of the most powerful tools to achieve this is the implementation of an integrated video solution. These solutions improve operator visibility by displaying side and rear […]

Recent Trends in Campus Policing: Ensuring a Safer Learning Environment

Campus policing is continually evolving, striving to create a safer environment conducive to learning. Several recent trends have emerged in response to the shifting dynamics of societal safety, security, and technology. These trends focus on empowering campus police with modern tools and methods to better protect and serve their communities. Equipping Officers with Body-Worn Cameras […]

Pro-Vision Enhances Radar Object Detection Kit

The mobile video solutions provider, Pro-Vision, upgrades its Radar Object Detection Kit for increased driver visibility and collision prevention. Byron Center, Mich. – July 20, 2023 – Pro-Vision, a renowned leader in mobile video solutions, is thrilled to unveil their upgraded Radar Object Detection Kit. This advanced kit offers an unrivaled 130 feet (40 meters) […]