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School Bus Stop-Arm Camera

The Pro-Vision HD Dual-Lens Stop-Arm Camera for school buses is designed to capture a video record of illegally-passing motorists and their vehicles.

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Protect Your Passengers

When illegally-passing drivers are issued citations, they learn the law, and violations are reduced. We aim to make the journey to and from school safer.

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Automatic Video Offload

Save precious time by no longer physically removing a storage device from a bus DVR. Just choose a bus, date and time range and automatically offload the video files when your vehicles pull into range of your Wi-Fi network.


Rugged Solid-State Design

Solid-State video storage has NO moving parts or the failures that come with them, making Pro-Vision systems more rugged and reliable than hard drive systems.


Standalone or Integrated

Add anytime to an existing PRO-VISION® on-board system or use it as a standalone stop-arm solution.


Compact, Low Profile Design

At up to 10 times smaller than other systems, you no longer have to worry about it sticking out, getting hit or failing to meet a state inspection.

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Remote System Maintenance

No more manually updating units one-by-one with firmware updates with updates and new features that can be deployed remotely.


Integrated GPS

With a connected GPS Antenna, GPS coordinates are stamped on videos and can play synced with Google Maps® for additional evidence of violation location.


Universal File Format

Video files are saved in a non-proprietary, widely accepted video file format to avoid time-consuming software installations that would be required to playback videos.


Lease Options

Overcome limited budgets and outfit every vehicle for one low monthly payment, and transfers ownership of the systems to you at the completion of the lease.

Industry-Leading Warranty

No other company in the industry provides a more inclusive, longer-lasting warranty. Our 5-YEAR Full-System Warranty and LIFETIME Cable and SDXC Card Warranty cover you, no matter where you bought your system or who installed it.

*To Customers outside the U.S. & Canada, certain restrictions and limitations apply

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Video Management with SecuraMax™

SecuraMax™ saves you time by automating your long-term video storage and allowing you to share video files securely in seconds. It also provides an audit trail of who watched videos and allows access to them on any device – a huge security improvement for schools with multiple locations and personnel needing access.

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Professional Installation

PRO-VISION® systems are simple by design, but few companies have the time and resources to install the equipment themselves. PRO-VISION® is the only mobile video system manufacturer to offer factory installers to complete your on-site installation.

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"We’ve had many installations with PRO-VISION®. As always, the whole process was smooth, organized and hassle-free. Thank you for such great service from start to finish."


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