1080p HD In-Car Video Recording Systems

Police In-Car Video Recording System

PRO-VISION® Quick Facts

  • Rugged Solid-State Design
  • 5-YEAR System Warranty
  • 1080p True HD Video Quality
  • 360° Vehicle Coverage
  • Integrated GPS Mapping
  • Evidence Management Solution
  • 8-Camera Capable
  • Wireless File Transfer
  • Remote Live Viewing
  • System Health Monitoring
  • Future Ready
  • Unbeatable Value

At PRO-VISION®, HD means High-Definition video with 1080p resolution, six times the quality of Standard Definition and more than twice the quality of 720p HD cameras. The PRO-VISION® HD In-Car Video System is the only 8-camera 1080p HD system designed for law enforcement.

Affordable Lease Options

Automated Wireless File Transfer

The PRO-VISION® HD In-Car Video System features built-in Wi-Fi that allows video files to be automatically uploaded to your desired evidence storage location when your vehicles pull within range of your wireless network, eliminating the need to manually remove a storage device to retrieve your files.

US-Based Support Team

Remote Live Video Viewing

Remote Live Video Viewing allows you to watch, in real time, the view that is being recorded by the PRO-VISION® HD In-Car Video System through an internet connection in the vehicle.

Built-in G-Force Sensor
1080p HD Video

Simple Wi-Fi DVR Setup

Utilizing the wireless hotspot built into the PRO-VISION® HD In-Car Video System allows you to connect to a smart device for simplified setup and maintenance, eliminating the need for hard-wired monitors or remote controls.

Secure Locking Cage Design

Rugged Solid-State Design

Solid-State Design has NO moving parts or the failures that come with them, making PRO-VISION® more rugged and reliable than any hard drive system available. PRO-VISION® backs this bold reliability claim with the longest standard warranty in the industry—5 YEARS!

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1080p HD Video

Industry-Leading Computer Integration

Give your officers one less thing to worry about with Automated Officer Login. Simply logging in to your mobile data computer automatically logs you into the DVR, ensuring that videos are attributed to the correct user. The computer can also display camera views, eliminating the need for a separate display screen and saving space in the vehicle.

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1080p HD Video

Future Ready

With continuous updates of DVR and desktop software features, the PRO-VISION® HD In-Car Video System is built to adapt to the latest advances in technology, ensuring your system is ready for years of reliable service.

Designed to provide an unmatched 360º view in and around your vehicles with eight 1080p True High-Definition cameras recording simultaneously, the PRO-VISION® HD In-Car Video System captures crucial details that other systems can’t.

No other company in the industry provides a more inclusive, longer-lasting warranty. Our 5-YEAR System Warranty and LIFETIME Cable and SDXC Card Warranty cover you no matter where you bought your system or who installed it.


*To customers outside the U.S. & Canada,
certain restrictions and limitations apply

1080p HD Video


Unlike bulky cameras featured in other in-car video systems, the PRO-VISION® HD In-Car Video System utilizes a compact forward-facing camera that allows you to capture the views you need without obstructing your view of the road.


The PRO-VISION® HD In-Car Video System features a compact interior night vision camera with a built-in microphone that provides door-to-door 180-degree HD coverage in any lighting condition.

1080p HD Video

In-House Engineering

Engineered, designed and tested by the PRO-VISION® in-house engineering team, PRO-VISION® products are built, supported and enhanced by the people who know the products inside and out.

Integrated GPS Mapping

8 Channels of High-Fidelity Audio

With an integrated wireless microphone system and noise-cancelling microphones built into each camera, the PRO-VISION® HD In-Car Video System provides complete audio coverage in and around your vehicles. Each available channel of audio is individually selectable during video review.

Multiple HD Camera Options

High Dynamic Range

High Dynamic Range technology allows the system to capture two separate images for every frame of video, combining the light and dark exposures to provide an optimal image in any lighting condition. This helps you capture license plates and the small details other systems miss.

Remote Live Video Viewing

BSI Image Sensor Technology

The system’s cameras feature BSI Image Sensors that increase the amount of light captured to provide industry-leading low light image quality, providing a brighter, clearer picture in any lighting condition.

System Health Monitoring
1080p HD Video

System Health Monitoring

With audible and visual system health alerts that provide instantaneous notifications to the driver, you’ll never have to wait until an incident occurs to find out the vital video you need is lost.

Remote Live Video Viewing
1080p HD Video

Advanced Camera Controls

Reduce storage costs by customizing each camera's individual recording quality to your specific requirements to minimize file sizes and storage usage.

The PRO-VISION® HD In-Car Video System allows you to go back months at a time to find incident video. This ensures crucial evidence isn’t lost, even if the incident video recording wasn’t part of an automatically-triggered event. Event activation can initiate audio recording, which can be muted during background recordings to maintain privacy.

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1080p HD Video

Unbeatable Triggering Options

The system allows complete customization for automatically triggering Event Video. Whether you want Event Video to be triggered by a vehicle lightbar, an Event Marker Button, the built-in Erratic Driving Sensor or another customizable trigger, the ability to customize automatic triggers to fit your unique needs ensure you won’t miss important Event Video.

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Custom Pre and Post-Event Recording

Ensure crucial events are not missed with customizable Pre and Post-Event Recording buffers that capture video of the events occurring before and after a recording is activated.

The PRO-VISION® national installation teams come direct from the factory equipped with the right tools and training to get the job done right the first time, on time, every time. They will complete your on-site installation better, faster and cheaper than any contractor or by doing it yourself.

Affordable Lease Options

Integrated GPS Mapping

By simply connecting an optional PRO-VISION® GPS Antenna, you will know your vehicle’s location and speed. Use the included PRO-VISION® Viewing Software and your video will also display with an integrated GPS Map.

US-Based Support Team
1080p HD Video

Affordable Lease Options

Overcome limited budgets with affordable system leasing from PRO-VISION®. Leasing allows you to outfit every vehicle for one low monthly payment and transfers ownership of the recording systems to you at the completion of the lease.

Built-in G-Force Sensor

Digital Wireless Microphone System

The 2.4 GHZ wireless microphone system is built to auto-pair with the DVR, providing eight hours of talk time, a 2,000 foot operating range and the ability to pair two microphones to one vehicle for complete audio coverage both inside and outside the vehicle.

Secure Locking Cage Design

H.264 High-Profile Compression

Utilizing the industry’s best video compression technology, H.264 High-Profile File Compression, the PRO-VISION® HD In-Car Video System compresses HD-quality video file sizes without sacrificing video quality, resulting in faster file transfer speeds and decreased file storage costs.

Enhanced Event Marker Button

Simple Video Playback

With the included PRO-VISION® video playback software, you can easily search and review Constant and Event video, save still images, zoom in on footage and view vehicle speed and location displayed on a map.

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Upload Direct to Cloud

If you already have internet service in your vehicles, Event Video can securely upload direct to the SecuraMax™ Cloud evidence management solution, bypassing the need to wirelessly transfer files to your local network.

SecuraMax™ by PRO-VISION® is designed to answer video management challenges with a secure, automated digital management solution that simplifies the data management process and saves time. Securely manage and store video for any length of time either through your organization’s existing servers or on the cloud.

Affordable Lease Options

Surge-Safe™ Protection

Surge-Safe™ technology used in the PRO-VISION® HD In-Car Video System protects the system from unexpected electrical spikes and surges.

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Erratic Driving Sensor

Event Alarm Video is triggered during excessive acceleration, braking, and cornering with the multi-axis Erratic Driving Sensor built into the PRO-VISION® HD In-Car Video System at no additional cost.

Built-in G-Force Sensor

Advanced System Logs

Providing detailed event history, Advanced DVR System Logs record all DVR activity which can be downloaded wirelessly and reviewed by maintenance and administrative staff for management and diagnostic purposes.

US-Based Support Team

Military-Grade Design

With a system designed to meet MIL-STD-810F and with a SAE-J1455 vibration and shock rating, the PRO-VISION® HD In-Car Video System is built to perform, no matter the conditions.

Built-in G-Force Sensor

U.S Based Support Team

Available at no additional cost, PRO-VISION® takes pride in providing the highest level of quality customer service & technical support all based from our US headquarters.

Secure Locking Cage Design

Enhanced Event Marker Button

This optional, enhanced feature enables an additional method for triggering Event Alarm Video for a specific incident to be recorded for quick, future review. As an added bonus, a built-in status light will indicate the system is functioning properly for added peace of mind.

Enhanced Event Marker Button
1080p HD Video

Mobile Rated Connectors

Built with stainless steel and gold copper plating, the positive locking PRO-VISION® connectors ensure quality video from every component.

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Tamperproof Design

From the DVR’s lockable steel cage to its Wi-Fi encryption and role-based access controls, the multiple levels of industry-leading security features reduce the risk of tampering, keeping your data safe and secure.

Priced over 50% less than other brands, you will stretch your precious budget dollars and equip more vehicles with the PRO-VISION® HD In-Car Video System.

Proven Reliable

With over a billion miles of recorded video, the PRO-VISION® High-Definition DVR
is the most tested and proven reliable mobile HD DVR on the planet…
and the proven miles of reliability keep growing.

Miles of Proven Reliability

with PRO-VISION® HD Video Recording Systems

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