1080p HD Interview Room Video Recording System

The Most Reliable, Simple, Affordable™
Interview Room Video Recording System!

PRO-VISION® Quick Facts

  • 1080p HD Video Quality
  • 1TB Included Storage
  • 5-YEAR Warranty
  • Motion Activation
  • Built-in Wi-Fi
  • Rugged, Reliable Design
  • Remote Live Video Viewing
  • Simple Video Management
  • Unbeatable Value

Some brands called their systems HD. For them, HD stands for “Heavy Duty” or “Hard Drive,” not High-Definition. At PRO-VISION® HD means High-Definition video with 1080p resolution, six times the quality of those other brands.

Remote Live Video Viewing

Motion Activation

The PRO-VISION® HD Interview Room System can detect when a person enters the room, automatically categorizing the activity as Event Video to simplify the file management process and allow you to quickly find your important video files.

Remote Live Video Viewing

24/7 Recording

Forgotten interviews or missed video can be recovered, while manually initiated recordings are easily found and transferred to evidence management software.

Remote Live Video Viewing

Pre and Post-Event Recording

Ensure crucial events are not missed with customizable Pre and Post-Event Recording buffers that capture video of the events occurring before and after a recording is manually activated.

US-Based Support Team
1080p HD Video

5-Year Warranty

No other company in the industry provides a more inclusive, longer-lasting warranty. Our 5-YEAR Warranty covers you, no matter where you bought your system or who installed it.

Quad Zone Noise Cancelling Audio

Quad Zone™ Noise Cancelling Audio

With an electronically-filtered microphone built into each PRO-VISION® Camera and system configurations up to eight cameras, you will have complete audio coverage in your interview rooms. Each available channel of audio is individually selectable during video review.

US-Based Support Team

Remote Live Video Viewing

Remote Live Video Viewing allows you to watch, in real time, the view that is being recorded by the PRO-VISION® HD Interview Room System through an internet connection.

SecuraMax™ by PRO-VISION® is designed to answer video management challenges with a secure, automated digital management solution that simplifies the data management process and saves time. Securely manage and store video for any length of time either through your organization’s existing servers or on the cloud.

HD Video
1080p HD Video

Built-in Wi-Fi

Utilizing the wireless hotspot built into the PRO-VISION® HD Interview Room System, you can connect to a PC or mobile device to allow for simplified setup and setting adjustments.

Remote Live Video Viewing

1TB of Storage Included

The PRO-VISION® HD Interview Room System includes 1 Terabyte (TB) of storage space to save your HD video files to, ensuring you have the ample space needed to keep your important files.

Remote Live Video Viewing

8-Camera Capable

The PRO-VISION® HD Interview Room System allows up to eight HD cameras to record both high-quality video and audio simultaneously to one Solid-State DVR.

Enhanced Event Marker Button

Future Ready

With continuous updates of DVR and desktop software features, the PRO-VISION® HD Interview Room System is built to adapt to the latest advances in technology, ensuring your system is ready for years of reliable service.

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Affordable Lease Options

Overcome limited budgets with affordable system leasing from PRO-VISION®. Leasing allows you to outfit every vehicle for one low monthly payment and transfers ownership of the recording systems to you at the completion of the lease.

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H.264 High-Profile Compression

Utilizing H.264 High-Profile File Compression, the PRO-VISION® HD Interview Room System compresses HD-quality video file sizes without sacrificing video quality, resulting in faster file transfer speeds and decreased file storage costs.

Enhanced Event Marker Button

Enhanced Event Marker Button

This optional, enhanced feature enables an additional method for triggering Event Alarm Video for a specific incident to be recorded for quick, future review. As an added bonus, a built-in status light will indicate the system is functioning properly.

US-Based Support Team

U.S. Based Support Team

Available at no additional cost, PRO-VISION® takes pride in providing the highest level of quality customer service & technical support all based from our US Headquarters.

Priced over 50% less than other brands, you will stretch your precious budget dollars and equip more interview rooms with the PRO-VISION® HD Interview Room System.

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