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The Ultimate Canadian family of vision systems was designed for fleets that work in the most extreme environments. Anyone who has ever driven in the great north knows how much of a beating their vehicles take during the winter months. The same is true for any accessories on the side of your vehicle, including side and rear-view cameras. That is why Zone Defense developed the Ultimate Canadian Camera. The rugged camera was built specifically to withstand the harsh conditions common during the cold Canadian winters. Compact in size, the Ultimate Canadian Camera is made with a stainless-steel sun shield and U-bracket which are very resistant to corrosion caused by the salty chemicals used on Canadian roads.


  • Wide viewing angle exceeds FMVSS 111 field of view requirements

  • Made with corrosion-resistant stainless steel

  • Automatic heater turns on when ambient temperature falls below 10° C

  • Built-in audio support so you can hear what is happening around the camera

  • Infrared provides driver with night vision

  • IP69K waterproof rating and 7G rating to withstand power washing and harsh vibration

  • Ability to integrate with Zone Defense and other 3rd Party Monitors (with OEM adapter cable sold separately)

  • 5 year warranty

  • Night vision has 6 white infrared emitters which increases viewing distance and picture clarity

  • Unlike other cameras, the Ultimate Canadian Camera has separate power. This allows the heating element to remain active to protect the camera, a core safety system even when the camera is not in use.

  • Temperature Ratings: Operating -30°C ~+70°C; Storage -40°C ~+80°C

  • Operates on 10v DC up to 32v DC

All Zone Defense cabled monitors and cameras are interchangeable, allowing you to easily add-on Dashboard cameras, MDVRs, reversing sensors and other vision solutions today or in the future.

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