Ultrasonic Backup Sensors


Integrating with the vehicle's rear vision system monitor, the Pro-Vision Ultrasonic Sensor Kit displays the distance and direction to a possible hazard all while providing a visual of the rear view eliminating potential liabilities in backing up vehicles.

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Key Features

Metal Construction

Designed for the demands of commercial fleets, Pro-Vision Ultrasonic Sensors are built with metal housings rather than traditional plastic, ensuring top performance in the most rugged environments

Versatile Mounting Options

Versatility is built-in with the Pro-Vision Ultrasonic Sensor Kit. The sensors are designed to be flush or under-mounted, and the mounting hardware for both is included, allowing all fleet vehicles to be outfitted regardless of style or size.

Audible Operator Warnings

With the Pro-Vision Ultrasonic Sensor Kit, multiple sensor detection zones transmit audible warnings back to the operator. Using distinct tones to indicate distance from a potential hazard, the sensors provide another way to increase safety and reduce liability around your fleet.

Hard Wired Reliability

Eliminate wireless interference, dependability issues, and the accidents that they cause. Pro-Vision Ultrasonic Sensors have hard-wired connections that are waterproof and mobile-rated, giving you a constant signal regardless of distance or surroundings.


Detection Distance
Up to 17'
Ultrasonic Frequency
Included Sensors
Voltage Range
10-18V DC
Operating Temperature
-4° to 160°F
Want to protect your fleet?

Want to Protect Your Fleet?

With innovative solutions, commercial-grade, durable products, Pro-Vision is the clear choice when looking to increase visibility and reduce accidents with your fleet vehicles.

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