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New Design Revolutionizes Bus Cameras

The new low-profile flush mount from PRO-VISION® improves on a camera that’s already revolutionizing the bus camera market.

Byron Center, Mich. – June 5, 2018 — PRO-VISION® Video Systems, the industry leader in commercial mobile video technology, announced today the release of a new flush mounting bracket that allows their bus cameras to be mounted recessed into the bulkhead of a school or transit bus.

The recessed design reduces the possibility of a student or passenger hitting their head on an exposed camera, reducing injuries and potential liability. The design also reduces the ability for bus riders to tamper or vandalize the cameras.
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The 175 degree field of view captured by the cameras already provides greater bus coverage than any other camera system on the market. With better camera coverage, incidents are less likely to be missed by a camera blind spot.

““We already have the best camera view of 1080p HD and 175 degree field-of-view, but now we combine that with the best camera design and mounting option”

said Corey Mathews, Transit Division Sales Manager at PRO-VISION®.

The camera and mount will debut at the upcoming Community Transportation Association of America (CTAA) Trade Show in Pittsburgh, PA from June 12 to June 13 where PRO-VISION is exhibiting at booth #726.

PRO-VISION® Releases HD Fleet Dashcam

The newly released PRO-VISION® HD Drive Recorder is full of industry-leading features including 1080p HD recording on both interior and exterior facing cameras

Byron Center, Mich. – March. 6, 2018 2018 – PRO-VISION® Video Systems, the industry leader in commercial mobile video technology, announced today the release of a new 1080p high-definition video recording device that uses two built-in cameras—a forward facing dashcam and an interior facing camera. The Drive Recorder is also capable of receiving input from a third, wired camera.
Exterior View
The 175 degree field of view provided by both cameras ensures that events are captured wherever they occur in and around the vehicle, while the compact size of the Drive Recorder allows it to be mounted behind the rear view mirror without obstructing the driver’s view.

“We all know dash cameras are a huge asset in reducing liability, but this device changes the game with 1080p inside and out, a wider view and automated notifications of driving events and system health status changes,” said Andrew Beach, Director of Sales at PRO-VISION®.

Interior View

The Drive Recorder pairs accident triggered event recording with background video capture, allowing the moments leading up to an event to be captured in addition to the event itself and providing a concrete record of an incident.

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New Contract Options Available for Industry-Leading Video Management Software

PRO-VISION® now offering month-to-month and yearly contract options for SecuraMax™ Video Management Software

Byron Center, Mich. -Feb 13, 2018 PRO-VISION® Video Systems, the proven industry leader in mobile video technology, announced today it is offering month-to-month and yearly contract options for its SecuraMax™ Video Management Software.

SecuraMax™ assists in the storage, management and sharing of video evidence gathered from an expanding variety of sources, including body-worn and dashboard-mounted cameras.

Many organizations rely on video management software to categorize recorded video. However, most software requires customers to enter a three-to-five year contract with their software provider. The newly available contract options eliminate the necessity for lengthy contracts, providing SecuraMax™ customers with the greater flexibility afforded by shorter contractual periods.

“These new options provide organizations of any size with the ability to host their files on the cloud, all without the burden of being forced into long-term contracts,” said Andrew Beach, director of sales & service at PRO-VISION®.

SecuraMax™ offers unlimited cloud-based plans and accommodates self-hosting in order to provide ultimate data management flexibility for organizations of any size or IT infrastructure.