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Leading Fleet Camera Company Releases Unprecedented Special Offers

PRO-VISION® Video Systems is offering several new purchase options from free product storage upgrades to software.

Byron Center, Mich. -Sept 25, 2018 PRO-VISION® Video Systems, a proven industry leader in mobile video technology for law enforcement, transit and commercial applications has released several special offers.

PRO-VISION® strives to listen to its customers when building and improving its products. As technology improves, the costs to build products like storage devices decreases. PRO-VISION® is passing these savings to customers by offering free storage upgrades when customers put multiple cameras on their vehicles, a rare thing to see in the commercial world. Other offers include free software to manage video and handle the automatic transfer of video from vehicles to building networks for qualifying purchases.

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New Body Camera Mounting Option Available for BODYCAM®

PRO-VISION® Video Systems again enhances BODYCAM® mounting versatility with another rugged and reliable mounting option.

Byron Center, Mich. -Jun 26, 2018 PRO-VISION® Video Systems, the proven industry leader in mobile video technology, has released a new mounting option for its BODYCAM® BC-300 body-worn camera that enhances uniform grip and prevents crucial evidence video from being missed.

The new mounting option is the Heavy Duty Magnet Mount. It utilizes
four magnetic contact points on each corner to provide more grip than
the existing compact magnetic mount available for the BODYCAM®.
The new design adds to the versatile lineup of mounting options to
securely grip uniforms and prevent the camera from falling off.

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New Design Revolutionizes Bus Cameras

The new low-profile flush mount from PRO-VISION® improves on a camera that’s already revolutionizing the bus camera market.

Byron Center, Mich. – June 5, 2018 — PRO-VISION® Video Systems, the industry leader in commercial mobile video technology, announced today the release of a new flush mounting bracket that allows their bus cameras to be mounted recessed into the bulkhead of a school or transit bus.

The recessed design reduces the possibility of a student or passenger hitting their head on an exposed camera, reducing injuries and potential liability. The design also reduces the ability for bus riders to tamper or vandalize the cameras.
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