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Improve safety and security with the premier mobile video solution.

Stay informed of inmate interactions and keep your correction officers safe with mobile video solutions from Pro-Vision. With the BODYCAM® 4 body-worn camera and cameras attached to prisoner transport vehicles, you can tell the whole story and exonerate your officers from false inmate claims.

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The BODYCAM® 4 body-worn camera offers continuous recording, meaning you’ll never miss an officer’s interaction with an inmate. Proximity Activation allows body cameras to be automatically activated when within a 30-foot range of another body camera, keeping the focus on the situation at hand. Enhanced Video Stability substantially reduces erratic movement on your videos, providing clear footage of defensive tactics, cell extraction and other fast-paced situations. Users also can double tap the record button to manually mark a recorded event for review.

  • 14-Hour, Full-Shift Battery Life

  • Enhanced Video Stability

  • 140° Field-of-View

  • Automatic Activation

  • Upload Video & Charge Simultaneously

  • IP68 Waterproof Rating

  • SecuraMax Evidence Management Solution

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Save Time & Money with RFID

Our intelligent design keeps your budget in mind. With RFID Login, designed for corrections officers and only available only on BODYCAM® 4, body cameras can easily be assigned to officers with a scan. Just pick a camera, scan and you’re ready to begin. Plus, there’s no need to designate a certain camera for each officer, as the RFID Login allows any officer to swap cameras from shift to shift.

Automatic Activation

Bodycam 4 can be activated by any Bodycam 4 unit within a 30 ft. range – so crucial video won't be missed because your personnel forgot to activate their cameras.

Prisoner Transport Coverage

With Pro-Vision interior and exterior vehicles cameras, you can get complete coverage to document prisoner behavior while entering, exiting and riding in the vehicle. Continuous recording can be set up to record as soon as the ignition switch is on, meaning you won’t miss a thing. Whether it’s a van or a full-sized bus, Pro-Vision’s mobile video solutions can be customized to fit your needs.

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