Fleet Rear Vision / Collision Avoidance Systems

The Best Selection of Rugged Reliable Side and Rear Vision Cameras Priced to Fit Your Budget!

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Quick Facts

  • 5-YEAR System Warranty
  • 360° Video Coverage
  • 13 Camera Options
  • 4 Camera Capable
  • DoublePivot™ Monitor Brackets
  • Laptop or LCD Screen Display
  • Digital Wireless Cameras
  • IP69K Waterproof
  • Mobile-Rated Connectors


Blinds spots on commercial vehicles can extend up to 160 feet behind a vehicle, even while using side mirrors. Cameras increase visibility, eliminating these blind spots, and preventing backing accidents.

5 Year Warranty

No other company in the industry provides a more inclusive, longer-lasting warranty. Our 5-YEAR System Warranty and LIFETIME Cable Warranty cover you, no matter where you bought your system or who installed it.

Digital Wireless Cameras

Increase versatility and simplify installation with PRO-VISION® wireless cameras. By utilizing the latest in wireless technology, PRO-VISION® cameras have a range of over 500ft, giving you a more reliable coverage and a larger operating range than other brands.

4 Camera Capable

The PRO-VISION® System allows up to 4 channels of high-quality video and audio to be recorded simultaneously to one solid-state DVR, letting you know what really happened.

Simplified Installations

PRO-VISION® LCD Video Systems are more reliable, easier to install, and require less cab space with the elimination of the control box required by other brands.

360° Coverage

Know what happens in and around your vehicles with full 360° coverage using a combination of PRO-VISION's rugged, reliable cameras.

IP69K Waterproof

With an IP69K waterproof rating on cameras and connectors, PRO-VISION® Rear Vision Systems deliver reliable performance, no matter what the weather conditions.


Camera systems have a 95% object detection rate according to a National Highway Traffic Safety Administration study. Read more about the causes, prevention, and costs of backing accidents by viewing the Rear Vision Fact Sheet.

Laptop or LCD Screen Display

An optional Laptop Interface Module, 5" or 7" LCD, 9" Touch Screen LCD, or 4.3" Rearview Mirror Monitor will allow you to view recordings in real time. With an optional Event Marker Button, a display screen will also allow playback of previously recorded video while still recording new video.

Latest Night Vision Technology

Providing a brighter picture, wider view, and longer range in low-light situations, PRO-VISION® Night Vision Cameras use the latest night vision technology to deliver a clear picture, even in total darkness.

Wider Field-of-View

Up to 170 degrees, PRO-VISION® cameras have a wider field-of-view than other brands, providing increased object detection and accident prevention.

Wide Voltage Range

Operating on a wide voltage range from 10-32V DC, PRO-VISION® systems comply with all commercial vehicle power specifications.

13 Camera Options

With a versatile lineup of 13 different cameras, you can be sure PRO-VISION® has the right camera for your specific application.

Affordable Lease Options

Overcome limited budgets with affordable system leasing from PRO-VISION®. Leasing allows you to outfit every vehicle for one low monthly payment and transfers ownership of the recording systems to you at the completion of the lease.


With innovative solutions like the patented 2.0" and 2.5" CameraLight™, the extensive PRO-VISION® product line will give you more options than any other brand so you may choose the system that is perfect for your unique application.

Rugged Versatility

PRO-VISION® DoublePivot™ LCD Monitor Mounting Brackets provide endless mounting options with full range of motion, screw-attachable base, and a windshield attachable base using extra heavy 3M adhesive.

Integrated Backup Sensors

Reduce backing accidents with ultrasonic backup sensors that integrate with the LCD display to provide distance, direction and audible alerts when drivers approach an object.

Integrated Video Recording

Simultaneously record and view cameras in real-time with side, rear and observation cameras integrated with an on-board DVR.

Reliable Components

From PRO-VISION® Video Connectors extending the service life of products with an O-Ringed and Threaded Design to an External Protective Boot and IP-69K Waterproof Rating, PRO-VISION® uses high-quality components to build the most rugged, reliable products.

*To Customers outside the U.S. & Canada, certain restrictions and limitations apply


No other company in the industry provides a more inclusive, longer-lasting warranty. Our 5-YEAR Full-System Warranty and LIFETIME Cable and SDXC Card Warranty cover you, no matter where you bought your system or who installed it.

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"I've had PRO-VISION® Systems on my cranes for 5 years. They still work great!"
- Jim Townsend, Townsend Crane Service, Iowa


Available at no additional cost, PRO-VISION® takes pride in providing the highest level of quality customer service & technical support, all based from our US headquarters.


PRO-VISION systems are simple by design, but few companies have the time and resources to install the equipment themselves. PRO-VISION is the only mobile video system manufacturer to offer true factory installers to complete your on-site installation.

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"Our factory installer was on time, professional and polite. The BEST installer I have seen in ages!"
- - Mike McCart - Pulaski County Ambulance - Waynesville, MO


Reliable, Simple, Affordable™ PRO-VISION® Rear Vision Systems stretch your budget dollars to increase safety and reduce liability on more vehicles in your fleet!