Rear Vision Fact Sheet

Every Fleet has a quantifiable rear vision related problem that causes backing accidents!

  • Each year there are 300,000 reported backing accidents. (Source A)
  • Backing accidents cause 500 deaths and 15,000 injuries per year even though the average vehicle operates in reverse less than 1 mile per year. (Sources B & A)
  • 27% of all accidents occur while operating in reverse. (Source A)
  • Caltrans (California Department of Transportation) drivers were involved in 2,926 backing accidents from 1998-2007 costing at least $5.45 million in vehicle repairs alone. 93.2% of these accidents were determined to have been preventable.(Source F)
  • 70% of backing accidents could have been prevented with the use of a collision avoidance system. (Source A)
  • $3,000 is the average cost of a non-fatal backing accident. (Source C)
  • Failure to see a vehicle, object or person is the number one cause of backing accidents. (Source D)
  • 65% of backing accidents involve a stationary object. (Source E)
  • Blind spots can extend up to 160 feet behind a vehicle.(Source D)

Rear Vision Camera Systems are the only proven solution to eliminate costly backing accidents!

  • Camera Systems eliminate rear blind spots and put a driver in full visual control of the rear of the vehicle. (Source D)
  • Camera Systems have a 95% object detection rate. (Source E)
  • Sensor Systems ALONE do not perform well enough to effectively prevent backing accidents. (Source E)

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Source (A): University of Minnesota Center for Transportation Studies • Source (B): National Safety Council • Source (C): PRO-VISION® Commissioned Study
Source (D): Texas Department of Insurance • Source (E): NHTSA • Source (F): California PATH Research Report

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