PRO Series™ 2.5" Camera Light™

A direct replacement for a 2.5″ marker light, the PRO Series™ 2.5″ Camera Light™ System will eliminate dangerous blind spots on any vehicle for reduced accidents, insurance and liability costs. A safe view unmatched by any “standard” camera is achieved with a special wide angle camera housed in a SAE/DOT Compliant LED Light. No vehicle is complete without a PRO-VISION® Video System..

Eliminate Dangerous Blind Spots on Any Vehicle!™

  • Machined Camera Housing
  • 130°(h) Field-of-View
  • IP-69K Waterproof Camera
  • IP-69K Waterproof Connectors
  • 5-YEAR System Warranty
  • Sharp® Camera Chip Technology
  • LED Monitor Backlighting
  • "Twist-Lock" Type Monitor Connector

The pro-vision® pro series™ camera lights™ are a direct replacement
for any 2.0" or 2.5" marker light.

The unique, innovative two-piece design of the PRO-VISION® PRO Series™ Camera Lights™ saves time and money by eliminating the need for mounting holes and brackets all while giving you unmatched durability and a lower price.

PRO Series™ 2.5″ Camera Light™ Systems

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