PV Dashboard®

Simple, Integrated Fleet Management Solution

Never Lose A Vehicle

View current vehicle position and get a real-time view of where your closest vehicles are.

Be First on the Scene

See from your driver’s perspective with live camera views and remotely access recorded video.

Be More Efficient

See where your vehicles have been and use the data to evaluate route efficiency and driver behavior.

Track. View. Report

Find out exactly where your vehicles are, see video recorded from their cameras and analyze detailed reports when they come back - so you can get the full picture of what your fleet's doing.

Manage your fleet with less hassle.

Update and manage multiple systems and fleets wherever you are, and maintain continuous uptime by getting notified whenever a system’s health status changes.

Remote System Maintenance

Remotely schedule bulk firmware updates and manage system settings across your fleets.

System Health Notifications

Receive notifications alerting you of changes to the health status of your fleets’ systems.

Fleet-by-fleet Customization

Utilize unique settings and permissions for different fleets and users.

Find the plan that's right for you

Dashboard has a tier that fits your company's needs, whether you want a simple, easy to use fleet tracking software or a comprehensive fleet management solution.

  • Standard

  • Event Email Alerts

    Get an email when your vehicle triggers an alert

  • System Health Alerts

    Get notified upon changes to your camera system's health

  • Event Snapshots

    See a still image from an event in your email notification

  • Active Vehicle Mapping

    See the location of your vehicles in real time

  • Vehicle Camera Viewing

    Get a snapshot from your vehicle's cameras

  • Enhanced

  • Route History

    See where your vehicles have been and when they were there

  • Remote Video Download

    Get footage from and event, Wherever you are

  • Automated Firmware Updates

    Configure your hardware to update automatically — all at once or on a fleet-by-fleet basis

  • Bulk User Settings

    Change camera settings for multiple vehicles and users at once

  • Plus all the features of the standard plan