Trade Show Review: Three Insights From the Floor

Greg Buckner on Apr 2, 2020

Before the COVID-19 pandemic took hold of the world, we spent the first two weeks of March taking part in two of the biggest commercial truck and equipment trade shows in North America: the NTEA Work Truck Show and CONEXPO-CONAGG.

Attendees got a chance to see all the latest and greatest equipment and technology for commercial vehicles. It’s always interesting attending the shows as a vendor and talking with attendees, listening to the reasons why they came to the show and what they’re looking for.

With everything there was to see at the two shows, here are a few trends and insights we took away from our experience at these two shows:

Video Record

No matter what industry it was, many attendees had liability coverage on their mind.

Whether you’re operating a cement mixer or a trash truck, it’s important to protect yourself on the liability end with a video record that tells the full story of what’s going on in and around your equipment and vehicles.

That resulted in many attendees looking for the latest and greatest advancements in dash cameras – with a focus on having a simple solution for recording video on fleet vehicles.

With something as simple as just recording the view out the windshield, companies have the video footage they need to fight false claims and protect their companies.

For example, let’s say one of your fleet vehicles is involved in an accident and the other party is threatening to sue due to negligence and injuries sustained. But if you happen to have video footage from that dash camera that shows that the other vehicle ran a red light and caused the accident, you could share that video with law enforcement or insurance companies to show them your driver was not at fault.

All of a sudden, that other driver could decide they don’t want to pursue the case anymore since they’re proven to be in the wrong.

An unfortunate reality today is if you’re driving a vehicle with a logo or company name on the side of it, you need to be on alert and take every precaution to protect your drivers and your assets.

Observation Still Needed

While finding video recording systems that cover the front of the vehicle was the goal of many at the shows, those same people were also focused on getting backup cameras on their equipment and vehicles.

For most of us, we take it for granted that the majority of our vehicles now come with backup cameras. This is after the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) implemented a mandate that requires all new cars weighing less than 10,000 pounds and built after May 2018 to include a backup camera.

But for big equipment like cement mixers and cranes, they typically don’t come outfitted with backup cameras unless the equipment is ordered with them or retrofitted later. With all of the movement and fast-paced environment that comes with working somewhere like a construction site, operators need to be confident they’re not putting anyone in danger when they operate their machinery.

With a backup cam and a monitor in the cab, operators can have the views they need to safely back up their equipment and navigate the job site in a safe manner. And that was something attendees were looking for at these two shows.

Asset Tracking

For all the focus on finding video systems, the other thing that many attendees were on the lookout for were solutions for tracking their fleet and assets.

Whether it was a fleet manager for a city or a small business owner with a few trucks, attendees at both shows were interested in finding easy-to-use asset tracking solutions.

For example, imagine that you run a delivery service and you want to retrieve live GPS coordinates to track vehicles and shipments so you can better serve your customers with more accurate delivery times.

With something like a fleet management software solution, you could use that software to get live updates on where your fleet vehicles are in a matter of seconds – giving you the ability to reroute vehicles and provide customers with those accurate delivery times.

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