Warranties: Not All Are Created Equal

on Apr 23, 2019

Finding a company that backs its products with a great warranty is important. Here are some key tips on what to look for in a warranty to ensure you get the best possible coverage for your products.

Warranties can play a crucial role in the evaluation of vendor options for purchasing camera systems for your vehicles. While you might look at two companies that seem to be offering similar warranties for their products and consider them equal, the problem is that not all warranties are created equal.

There are far too many horror stories from frustrated customers who were promised the best warranty in the industry, only to find out they don’t have the coverage they thought they were signing up for.

Finding a video recording system vendor that backs up its products with a great warranty is an important part of the purchasing process. (PV photo)

It isn’t uncommon for a company to advertise a 10-year warranty, yet have only a single component of their system covered for that long. While “technically” not a lie, it is quite misleading. There are also a host of aspects other than length that make some warranties much better than others. 

To help you navigate the confusing task of finding the best warranty possible, here are a few key things to evaluate when looking at warranties for camera systems for your fleet:


Is it simple or is it a bunch of different lengths depending on the component? When it’s a blanket length across all products, it makes it much easier to remember. The length of coverage for components such as the DVR, storage media and camera hardware are all critical areas to focus on to ensure you have the same coverage for each component.

Installation Requirements

Be careful because some companies require that either they or an “authorized dealer” have to install the system to have it covered under warranty. If you plan to handle the install yourself, ensure your products are covered in that situation.

Track Record

It is highly recommended that you talk to other organizations regarding the vendor products in question to get a reference for the credibility of the organizations you are considering. Ask them what the warranty process was like. Did they have to pay to have the organization to evaluate the item that should have been covered? The track record of a company goes a long way here. You can ask your salesperson for references if you don’t already know someone nearby running their equipment.


While you can’t get much from reading a company’s warranty statement on how smooth and simple the process is, speaking to another organization who is using their products can provide a good example of what the process entails.

Key questions to ask include:

  • Can I start a claim online? (check their website)
  • Can I talk to a person to do it? (you can call them)
  • Did the process take several weeks or months to warranty a product? (ask a reference)
  • What percent of claims do they replace? (ask a reference)

Purchasing Method

Watch out for clauses that require the system to be purchased directly from the manufacturer. If you are buying through a dealer, confirm that the warranty still applies.  If you are buying a used vehicle with an existing video system, check to see if the warranty is transferable or if it is only for the original purchaser.

Serial Numbers

Too often, companies will refuse to honor products because serial numbers are no longer readable. Stickered serial numbers are known to fall off. Products that are engraved with them will generally last. Some companies will warrant the product even if the serial number is missing. Review the company’s warranty statement or call and ask them what their policy is on this.

New Replacements vs. Refurbished

Here is a scenario for you: If you dropped your recently purchased car off at the dealer for warranty work on a bad engine and the body has several dents in it from wear and tear, would you like it if they replaced your entire truck so you don’t have those aesthetic flaws?  Would you rather have a used “refurbished” engine put in it or a new one? Be sure to ask if the warranty only covers refurbished parts or if a claim will include a new replacement at no extra charge.

Technical Support

Many times, the whole process can be avoided with a simple fix. The question to ask is, if you have a problem, can you easily talk to a person to troubleshoot it? For a reference, give a call to the technical support teams at the vendors you are considering to see what kind of support you’d receive. If they are on their game with technical support, you might not ever need to file a warranty claim.


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