The Industry's Most Complete Law Enforcement Solution.

At PRO-VISION® we offer a complete solution Law Enforcement solution. From Software to HD recording, we have you covered.

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PRO-VISION® Offers a compact, easy to use 1080p HD in car video system that protects your officers in and around your vehicle with complete 360 degree coverage. Backed by our 5 year system warranty and dedication to keep systems affordable, the Pro-vision HD In-Car System allows you to equip more vehicles without breaking your budget.

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Protection is important. That's why we offer a feature-packed body-worn camera at an affordable price. Rugged and durable enough to handle the roughest conditions and recording crystal-clear HD night vision video, BODYCAM® is the body-worn camera system for everyone- because value matters.

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When you record an interview, you want to be sure you don't miss anything. While reviewing video from the PRO-VISION® HD Interview Room System you'll catch even the smallest details.

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Simplified solutions

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Take advantage of the full PRO-VISION® line up — Manage the evidence you gather, and track vehicles and cameras; We make it even easier by installing and setting up your systems, too.


Evidence Management Software

Body-worn cameras. In-car systems. Dash-cams. Growing amounts of digital evidence can become difficult to manage. That's why SecuraMax® is designed to help organize, catalog and store your evidence securely without compromising usability.

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PV Dashboard

Integrated Fleet Tracking with Live View Capabilities

The PV Dashboard™ from PRO-VISION® integrates fleet tracking, fleet management and alerts with live view camera capabilities to serve as a complete solution that saves time, reduces costs and improves safety across your fleet.

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Factory Installation

Factory Installation Services

PRO-VISION is the only manufacturer in the industry to offer experienced teams of professional factory installers. Having received extensive hands-on training with every PRO-VISION system, our installers come to the job equipped with the right tools, a dedicated focus and a professional attitude

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