PRO-VISION Video Systems

Rear Vision Products


Night Vision & Standard Cameras

2/2.5" PRO Series™Camera Light™

Patent No. 9497421

PRO Series™Xtreme Duty™ Camera

Patent No. D715348

Wedge Series­™ Night Vision Camera

VLI Series™ Night Vision Camera

VLC Series™ Super Wide Angle Camera

VLBI Series™ Night Vision In-Body/Bumper Camera

VLI Series™ Wireless Night Vision Camera

VLP Series™ Night Vision Camera

VLS Series™ Night Vision Side Camera


Waterproof & Touch Screen Monitors

5.0" Monitor

5 inch LCD color display with 3 camera inputs.

5.0" Waterproof Screen Monitor

5 inch waterproof LCD color display with 3 camera inputs.

7.0" Monitor

7 inch LCD color display with 3 camera inputs.

9.0" Touch Screen Monitor

9 inch touch-screen LCD color display with 4 camera inputs.

All monitors (excluding laptop control unit) include:

  • Doublepivot™ Versatile mounting bracket
  • "Twist-Lock" type monitor connector
  • Built-in control box
  • LED Backlighting
  • Night screen auto-dimming
  • Built-in speakers for audio playback
  • 5-Year System warranty
  • Lifetime cable warranty

Other Monitors

4.3" Rearview Mirror Monitor

4.3 inch LCD color display with 2 camera inputs. Federal Motor Safety standard 111 compliant.

Laptop Control Unit

Enable video monitoring on laptop through usb connection.

Maximize use of the laptop screen already in your vehicles with exclusive PRO-VISION® technology. The PRO-VISION® LVS Series™ Laptop Video System turns your vehicle mounted laptop into a rear vision video monitor reducing installation cost and saving you precious cab space in your vehicle. The LVS system enables your laptop to display a full-screen rear vision view automatically when the vehicle is shifted into reverse improving safety, reducing liability and increasing security. No laptop equipped vehicle is complete without a PRO-VISION® Video System.


Accessories, Cables and Components for Rear-Vision Cameras


VLS Series™Chrome Housing

  • PC-1107X

Wedge Series™Chrome Housing

  • PC-1216X


Video Splitter Cable

  • PD-1456

RCA Video to PRO-VISION® Monitor Interface Cable

  • PX-1200

30ft HD Extention Camera Cable

  • DVR-102

Male to Male RCA Cable

  • PX-1100
  • PX-1225
  • 12ft
  • 25ft

Mini ATO Add-on Circuit Fuse Holder

  • PX-1951

LCD Monitor Interface Cable (6 Pin to 22 Pin)

  • PM-1100S

Red Fuse Holder with 3 Amp Fuse 10 pack (Bare Leads)

  • PX-1970

Green Fuse Holder with 3 Amp Fuse 10 pack (Bare Leads)

  • PX-1971

AV Cable

  • PX-1002
  • PX-1500
  • 10m
  • 5m


Remote Night Vision Module

  • PC-1305

LVS™ Series™Video Control Unit & Software

  • PL-1000

Wireless Transmitter & Reciever

  • PX-1220W

Wireless Transmitter

  • PX-1220WT

Wireless Reciever

  • PX-1220WR

Trailer Kit

  • PX-1016

12v Relay

  • PX-1950

AC Power Plug

  • PM-1068

2 Camera Control Device

  • PX-1072


LCD Monitor Pedestal Mount Replacement End (Square Bolt)

  • PM-1200

LCD Monitor Pedestal Windshield Mount Base

  • PM-1126

Standard LCD Monitor Power Harness (Bare Power Leads)

  • PM-1038S

Quad View LCD Monitor Power Harness (Bare Power Leads)

  • PM-1040S

Waterproof LCD Monitor Power Harness (Bare Power Leads)

  • PM-1035

3 Channel LCD Power Harness (Female Power Plug)

  • PM-1141S

Chrysler­® Rearview Mirror Monitor Mount Adapter

  • PM-2006

Sprinter­® Rearview Mirror Monitor Mount Adapter

  • PM-2007