High-Definition Transit Bus Camera System

16 CHANNELS of 1080p
High-Definition Video

from one solid-state system

High Definition System Quick Facts

  • 16 Channel HD Video & Audio
  • Wireless File Transfer
  • Rugged Solid-State Design
  • 1080p True High-Definition Video
  • Automated Video Management
  • Remote Live Video Viewing
  • 5-YEAR System Warranty
  • GPS Route History
  • Built-in Wi-Fi
  • Multiple HD Camera Options
  • System Health Monitoring
  • Unbeatable Value

Some brands call their systems HD. For them, HD stands for “Heavy Duty” or “Hard Drive”, not High-Definition. At PRO-VISION®, HD means High-Definition video with 1080p resolution, six times the quality of those other brands.

"Your 1080p high-definition systems give us a surprising amount of video clarity! They even allow us to clearly zoom in so we can see what is really happening on our buses."

- Mike Skaggs, Transportation Director – Onalaska ISD, TX

16 Channel HD Video & Audio

The PRO-VISION® High-Definition System allows up to 16 HD cameras to record both high-quality video and audio simultaneously to one solid-state DVR.

Wireless File Transfer

Download 8x more video without using more battery power with the optional Wireless Automatic File Transfer kit. Utilizing the exclusive “Power-Delay” reduced power mode and 802.11n wireless connection integrated into the PRO-VISION® High-Definition System, you can automatically download both constant and event video without resulting in a dead battery, even after you have powered down your vehicle.

GPS Route History

GPS Route History

Review route efficiency and safety with available synchronized GPS mapping and tracking embedded within the video recorded by the PRO-VISION® High-Definition System with an optional GPS Antenna.

Multiple HD Camera Options
Pro-Vision Exclusive

Multiple HD Camera Options

Offering the most versatile lineup of heavy-duty aluminum high-definition cameras available, including the only true HD camera designed exclusively for forward-facing applications, PRO-VISION® gives more HD options and higher quality cameras ensuring that 1080p HD quality video can be captured everywhere in and around the vehicle.

Smart-Secure Storage
Pro-Vision Exclusive

Smart-Secure™ High Capacity Storage

Offering multiple forms of high capacity solid-state storage, using an SDXC card up to 256GB and/or an optional Solid-State Disk up to 2TB, the PRO-VISION® High-Definition System is the only system allowing for storage customization for each camera and provides storage security through redundancy and the absence of hard drive based storage devices.

Latest Night Vision Technology

Providing a brighter picture, wider view and longer range in low-light situations, PRO-VISION® High-Definition Cameras use the latest night vision technology to provide the best picture in total darkness.

Smart-Secure Storage

Simple File Sharing

Quickly and securely share individual files both inside and outside your organization to anyone with an email address, all without wasting time with CDs, flash drives and other time-consuming file sharing methods.

Flexible Mounting Options
Pro-Vision Exclusive

Flexible Mounting Options

Mounting options are limited with hard drive systems because of their size, design and moving parts. The PRO-VISION® High-Definition System does not share these limitations. With a compact footprint and solid-state design, the PRO-VISION® System can be mounted almost anywhere in any orientation.

SecuraMax™ by PRO-VISION® is designed to answer video management challenges with a secure, automated digital management solution that simplifies the data management process and saves time. Securely manage and store video for any length of time either through your organization’s existing servers or on the cloud.


Solid-State Design has NO moving parts or the failures that come with them, making PRO-VISION® more rugged and reliable than any hard drive system available. By adding 16 channels of 1080p high-definition video, the PRO-VISION® High-Definition System offers the highest video quality available in a solid-state system.

"We’re very happy with our HD systems! The solid-state design is much more dependable, and the SD cards make viewing videos convenient and easy."

- Darryl Hofstra, Director of Transportation – Forest Hills Public Schools, MI

Compact Size
Pro-Vision Exclusive

Unrivaled Compact Size

One-tenth the size of other brands, the PRO-VISION® High-Definition System offers the smallest footprint of all multi-channel high-definition DVRs, allowing for exceptional versatility in mounting and installation.

Built-in G-Force Sensor

Email notifications and Event Alarm Video are triggered during excessive acceleration, braking, and cornering with the multi-axis G-Force Sensor built into the PRO-VISION® High-Definition System at no additional cost. No other solid-state HD video system includes a G-Force Sensor built into the DVR.

Wireless Video Review

Eliminating the need to physically remove the included SDXC Card or optional Solid-State Disk, administrative personnel can use a mobile device or laptop computer to connect to the password protected DVR to download or review video.

Simple WiFi DVR Setup

Utilizing the wireless hotspot built into the PRO-VISION® High-Definition System to connect to more mobile devices than any other system, from up to 50 feet away, allows for simplified setup and maintenance eliminating the need for hard-wired viewing monitors or remote controls.

Remote Live Video Viewing

Remote Live Video Viewing

Utilizing a cellular connection on your fleet vehicles, real-time high-definition video and previously downloaded videos can be viewed and downloaded remotely, keeping you aware of what’s happening in and around your vehicles.

GPS Fleet Tracking

GPS-Based Fleet Tracking

Display the current GPS locations of multiple vehicles simultaneously through Google Maps® by combining the optional 3G Connectivity Kit, GPS Antenna and a cellular connection on the vehicle. Available Soon.

Customizable Geo-Fencing

Customizable Geo-Fencing

Geographic boundaries can be preset into the PRO-VISION® High-Definition System, in conjunction with the optional GPS Antenna, triggering video and audio recording as well as sending an email alert to administrators when the vehicle leaves a selected area.

Simple Video Playback

Simple Video Playback

Playback is easy on almost any mobile device whether it's downloaded from the included SDXC card, or viewed remotely using the DVR's built-in WiFi or an optional 3G connection.

Able to alert maintenance and administrative personnel independently with email notifications for system health, erratic driving and other vehicle events, the PRO-VISION® High Definition System eliminates downtime and provides instant notification of important video events.

No other company in the industry provides a more inclusive, longer-lasting warranty. Our 5-YEAR System Warranty and LIFETIME Cable and SDXC Card Warranty cover you, no matter who installed it.


*To customers outside the U.S. & Canada,
certain restrictions and limitations apply

"I was impressed with the PRO-VISION team providing prompt
and flexible service. They exceeded our expectations."

- Chad Wagner, Director of Transportation - P.M. Bus, Inc.

Mobile Rated Connectors

Built with stainless steel and gold copper plating, the positive locking PRO-VISION® connectors are covered by a LIFETIME Warranty and prove more rugged and reliable than the plastic connectors used in other high-definition recording systems.

Smart-Secure Storage
Pro-Vision Exclusive

Affordable Lease Options

Overcome limited budgets with affordable system leasing from PRO-VISION. Leasing allows you to outfit every vehicle for one low monthly payment and transfers ownership of the recording systems to the customer at the completion of the lease.

Privacy Protection Software

Mosaic blurring capabilities integrated into the PRO-VISION® High Definition Recording System allow administrators to ensure the privacy of both drivers and passengers with ease.

Smart-Secure Storage

Driver Behavior Modification Alerts

Encourage safe driving habits with audible alerts for vehicle operators when excessive acceleration, braking, and cornering occur allowing the driver to modify their actions. Additionally these alerts can be set to automatically email administrators when the unsafe driving occurs in an effort to eliminate unsafe driving habits.

16 Channels High Fidelity Audio

16 Channels of High Fidelity Audio

With an electronically filtered microphone built into each PRO-VISION® Camera and system configurations up to 16 cameras, you will have complete audio coverage on your bus. Each available channel of audio is individually selectable during video review.

Login Data Protection

Login Data Protection

Multiple account logins allow for controlled access to the DVR through a WiFi connection limiting permissions to those performing system maintenance, viewing video, and modifying system settings.

Advanced System Logs

Providing detailed event history, Advanced DVR System Logs record all DVR activity which can be downloaded wirelessly and reviewed by maintenance and administrative staff for management and diagnostic purposes.

Universal Video File Format

Universal Video File Format

Recording in a universal video file format, the PRO-VISION® High-Definition System allows video playback using existing video players or the provided software.

Enhanced Event Marker Button

Enhanced Event Marker Button

This optional, enhanced feature enables an additional method for triggering Event Alarm Video for a specific incident to be recorded for quick, future review. As an added bonus, a built-in status light will indicate the system is functioning properly.

US-Based Support Team

Available at no additional cost, PRO-VISION® takes pride in providing the highest level of quality customer service & technical support all based from our US Headquarters.

The PRO-VISION® Player software provides a tool for you to zoom in on any area of recorded video, allowing you to fully utilize the additional detail captured by 1080p HD cameras.

The PRO-VISION® national installation teams come direct from the factory equipped with the right tools and training to get the job done right the first time, on time, every time. They will complete your on-site installation better, faster and cheaper than any contractor or by doing it yourself.


"The PRO-VISION install team did a great job! They were professional, prompt, and very flexible regarding vehicle scheduling."

- Mike Richter, President & CFO – Transit Team, Inc. – Minneapolis, MN

Advanced Camera Controls
Pro-Vision Exclusive

Advanced Camera Controls

Varying routes and bus designs dictate that some mounting locations may require adjustments to the cameras brightness, contrast, audio volume, and other settings. The PRO-VISION® High-Definition System allows for the customization of these settings on each individual camera as well as the standard frame rate and resolution.

Universal Video File Format

Multi-Function Trigger Inputs

Offering 11 trigger inputs, the PRO-VISION® High-Definition System can be configured to mark video with customizable text, mark Event Alarm Video, provide visual and/or audible operator alerts, initiate pre-configured emails to administrators, or any combination you choose.

Excessive Speed Trigger

Excessive Speed Trigger

Combined with the optional GPS Antenna, the PRO-VISION® High-Definition System can begin recording Event Alarm Video and an email alert can be sent when the vehicle exceeds a preset speed.

Wide Voltage Range
Pro-Vision Exclusive

Smart-Power™ Recording

Multiple power control options allow recording to start and stop using vehicle ignition, delayed system shutdown and/or preset ON/OFF times.

Wide Voltage Range

Wide Voltage Range

Operating on a wide voltage range from 10-32V DC, the PRO-VISION® High-Definition System complies with all school and transit vehicle power specifications.

Secure Locking Cage Design

Tamperproof Design

From the DVR’s lockable steel cage to its Wi-Fi encryption and role-based access controls, the multiple levels of industry-leading security features reduce the risk of tampering, keeping your data safe and secure.

Surge-Safe™ Protection

Surge-Safe™ Protection

Surge-Safe™ technology used in the PRO-VISION® High-Definition System protects the system from unexpected electrical spikes and surges.

USB and Network Port Connectivity

USB and Network Port Connectivity

Utilize the built-in USB and Network ports to connect to existing vehicle systems including a laptop computer, WIFI hotspot, vehicle computer, etc..

h.264 High Profile Compression

H.264 High Profile Compression

Utilizing the industry’s best video compression technology, H.264 High Profile File Compression, the PRO-VISION® High-Definition System compresses HD-quality video file sizes without sacrificing video quality, resulting in faster file transfer speeds and decreased file storage costs.

h.264 High Profile Compression

Future Ready

With continuous updates of DVR and desktop software features, the PRO-VISION® High-Definition System is built to adapt to the latest advances in technology, ensuring your system is ready for years of reliable service.

More Reliable, Simple, Affordable™ than any other system in the industry, the PRO-VISION® High-Definition System offers an unbeatable value with an unrivaled combination of features at an affordable price, allowing you to better increase safety and reduce liability on more of your buses.

Proven Reliable

With over a billion miles of recorded video, the PRO-VISION® High-Definition DVR
is the most tested and proven reliable mobile HD DVR on the planet…
and the proven miles of reliability keep growing.

Miles of Proven Reliability

with PRO-VISION® HD Video Recording Systems

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